Populist governments and the extortion of the "Managers" of poverty. The Argentine example

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A new day of access cuts in different parts of the City of Buenos Aires caused a lot of chaos in the center of Buenos Aires. Protesters set up tents in front of the Ministry of Social Development in the afternoon. Eduardo Belliboni and other social references stayed in the annex after a meeting with officials from that portfolio, who denied that it was a takeover.

Everything suggested that the night was going to be long on 9 de Julio avenue, but around 11:00 p.m., Belliboni himself -part of the picketers who were still negotiating an agreement at the Ministry- came out to confirm that the camp was going up. Slow decentralization is expected. It turned out that the agreement started from the announcement of a bonus of 22 thousand pesos.

The social leader said that the bonus they expected would be collected in the next ten days.

He warned that the government needed to comply. We'll be back if it doesn't.

It took us more than seven hours to negotiate, during which the center was unusable and the statements went up in tone. The setting up of tents in front of Social Development was confirmed by the Picket Unit before the first drops of rain fell.

The order was to set up a camp in front of the building that is escorted through the streets and demand food, tools and an increase in social plans. They were located in Bernardo de Irigoyen at 200, although they also planted tents on July 9. They burned tires and put flags in the center lanes.

The public space was left unused as the storm intensified, which had its counterpart in the tents and umbrellas. There was a shelter on the roof of the Metrobus station. As indicated by the Buenos Aires Secretary of Transportation, at night the 9 de Julio highway was still cut off in both directions between Moreno (at the height of Social Development) and the junction of the Frondizi and Finocchieto roads, in Constitución.

While the demonstrators set up tents and ran to avoid getting wet in the rain, the main leaders of the piquetero group announced the peaceful occupation of an annex of the Ministry. "We are not moving," they said.

After a meeting with a Social Development official, the measure was adopted. Given the lack of response, they decided to stay in the ministry.

The meeting was the first without agreement.

There were roadblocks in different parts of the country as part of the day of national struggle promoted by the Piquetero Unit. They marched towards the capital after a concentration around the Pueyrredón bridge.

After noon, they settled in front of Social Development, where they met other columns that started from the Obelisk. There were several times when they burned tires.

“20 million poor and the food goes to the electoral campaign of the leaders. The slogan of the protest was not with the food of the kids. There was a sign in front of the former Secretary of Public Works and Services with the legend "Tolosa + Massa = Hunger" written on it.

At 4:30 p.m., Belliboni entered the office building run by Tolosa Paz. He was waiting for his boss, the chief of staff of the Ministry of Social Development. Belliboni said that a minimum floor is to attend to the food agenda because we are very behind and we have not received food for five months.

There was no deal. The ministerial annex was photographed with flags inside the office and a postcard of a peaceful shot. The facilities were denied occupation by Social Development, who said that it was an intermediate room in the meeting. After 9:30 p.m., the picketer leaders were still inside the offices.

We have been brought into this space with very little seriousness. Second-line officials always come up with the same story. Asking ourselves who we are and what we want is very provocative today. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. The social leader said in the video that they spread through his networks. "No, with the children's food!" Belliboni said something.

The picketers published a strong statement against the authorities in the same document in which they spoke of the occupation of the Ministry.

“After several unsuccessful meetings and thousands of emptied and unstocked dining rooms for four and up to five months, we find that the officials who attended the mass mobilization meeting throughout the country and who have just met with the Unit have not brought any response. or explanation of why they have been emptied

The leaders of the social organizations decided to remain in the Ministry of Social Development without a time limit and, if necessary, to stay overnight to wait for a response from hundreds of thousands of people who did not respond.

Belliboni approached a door in the annex minutes after the talks resumed. We request a food delivery schedule. He limited himself to commenting in a note and later gave more information.

“Let Tolosa Paz and (the Minister of Social Economy, Emilio) Pérsico come. We call on all the institutions to come tomorrow (Wednesday), we will not leave until the food is delivered to the canteens, ”he said.

“The picket leader has taken refuge inside the building of the Ministry of Social Development, which is under the jurisdiction of the National Government. We are trying to convince them to reach an agreement and stop this”, declared Eugenio Burzaco, judge. of peace and the Minister of Security of the City, on a day that scavengers and street closures entered the prison of Together for Change between Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Cut the country and mobilize the economy

From the Piquetera Union they assured that the cuts and protests spread throughout the country, with forces in Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza and Tucumán, in addition to Buenos Aires, where they assure that 87 cuts were delivered in courses 2, 3, 5, 9 , 11, 12, 14, 16, 22, 34, 36, 66, 86, 90 and 95. The protests of the

They once again put Tolosa Paz at the center of piquetero criticism: Bellboni said that social development was generating a "sudden readjustment" and that food was not being delivered to kitchens and soup in poor neighborhoods.

In addition, he alleges that aid that should have gone to neighboring organizations is used by political leaders of the ruling party in electoral campaigns "to buy votes."

On the other hand, on Tuesday morning of this week, the Front des Organizations en Lutte mobilized at the door of the Ministry of Economy, in front of the Place de Mai, where they promised a camp to "disrespect labor contracts and of production".

“Workers of cooperatives, social organizations and popular economy, we will camp in front of the doors of the Ministry of Economy and Public Works. We demand immediate payment of all agreements to continue carrying out jobs and manufacturing businesses throughout the country," they said in a statement.

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