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The Most Expensive Thing in The World

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1 month ago
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What is the point of finding out what the world's most expensive thing is? None, there's no point, and to answer the first question, let's set a few rules.


It is a little difficult to describe this law, but it's all about whether anything intuitively feels like it's a single item or not. We will accept something like a pepperoni pizza, for instance, which consists of many things-sauce, cheese, crust, pepperoni, cholesterol. But they're all working together to make one thing, coherent, delicious, but we're not going to embrace anything like "New York City."


If anyone made it, like a gold-plated elephant, or the Mona Lisa riding a T-Rex skeleton eating a Fabergé egg, it couldn't be some imaginary thing that would be costly. It's got to be an actual reality that happens.


Things can get tricky here because, regardless of the actual value of the commodity, a price can legally be whatever the seller says it is. For instance, if I take a pencil that I own and say it will cost $400 trillion to buy it from me, that doesn't make that pencil the world's most expensive thing, it just makes me nervous.

So we're going to base value on one of three things: a prior product purchase, the cost of making the product, or an expert estimate, and then we're going to compensate for inflation.

So, now that our three rules are in place, let's get started. If you Google what's the most expensive thing in the world, "antimatter" is the first response you're likely to find.

They will tell you that antimatter is worth about $62.5 trillion per gram, which is real and interesting, but is not the answer to our question, for two reasons.

  • First of all, mankind has only ever developed 18 nano grams of antimatter, which is only $1,170,000, which is less than the cost of the most expensive office chair in the world, let alone the most expensive item in the world.

  • Secondly, since it's not a single thing, a substance seems like it shouldn't count; after all, if we accept substances, I might tell the answer is all the gold of the world, which is just a lame and boring response.

Let's keep going, then. As I am making this video right now, Apple is The most profitable company in the world, worth 1,164 trillion dollars. This sounds closer to the correct answer, but I guess it still doesn't count.

The explanation is that it still doesn't feel like one thing, even though Apple can be listed as one company, Apple consists of separate factories and warehouses and physical stores, plus staff, intellectual property, and now, for some reason, a TV show about Jason Momoa being blind, and that's just too many different things to count as one thing.

But let's concentrate on stuff that would qualify. I had to come across a lot of wrong answers in my search to answer this question before I found the correct one, and now I'm going to tell them both of them, both because they're interesting, and also because this article would be short if I only told you the answer right from the beginning.

My first thought was art, and while Salvator Mundi, a blurry-looking painting of Jesus, is the most expensive piece of art ever sold, the most expensive piece of art in existence is the Mona Lisa, a blurry-looking painting of a random Italian noblewoman who has no eyebrows.

It's insured for around $850 million, enough to purchase a round-trip ticket to Paris for every person in Wyoming to see the Mona Lisa, but not enough to address our question.

The B-2 Spirit Bomber is the most costly aircraft in the world and looks like a flying stingray if a stingray could refuel mid-air, drop thermonuclear bombs, each costing $3.37 billion.

That was still not enough, though I went next to the opposite of airplanes, ships. Like the world's most expensive aircraft, another US military vessel is the most expensive ship in the world. I mean, wow, what a coincidence, it's almost like the US spends more on its military than combined in the next 10 nations.

The USS Gerald R Ford, which cost $13 billion, is the most expensive ship, enough to buy everyone in Omaha, Nebraska-Gerald Ford's, A Ford F-150 home town; however, it's still not the solution.

My next stop was the houses, and the Great Mosque of Mecca is the most costly, costing an estimated $100 billion. If Jeff Bezos purchased the Great Mosque of Mecca, all he had left was a paltry $10 billion. That's a lot of money.

But while the Great Mosque is pricey, one thing beats it out, so here it is: the answer you read the whole article to hear, or, let's be truthful, the answer you skipped to find at the end of the article.

The most expensive item in the world is the $177 billion inflation-adjusted International Space Station, and look, I mean, I know: practically, that's not the most expensive thing.

So, have you liked the article here?

What's the most costly thing in the world for you? If you've got one, let me know.

By the way I intend to share some fun details that you can never imagine. I am now working on my next article for the time being. I'm not a good writer, so bear with me. I know that writing quality content is not so easy, but I'm trying my best to do it for you.

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Written by   134
1 month ago
Topics: Story, Life, Blog
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I really liked the part of a mona lisa riding a t-rex, couldn't stop laughing. For me the most expensive thing is the world is what money cannot buy for instance a mother's love.

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1 month ago

I am stunned by those prices that you mentioned in your article. I believe the most expensive thing in the world is my family which money cannot buy. Hahaha. I honestly cannot think about anything. Anyway, thank you for this information. It made my mind wander a lot.

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1 month ago