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My Mother's Last Smile: Re-created

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1 month ago

I was raised by a mother who emphasized the importance of hard work and academics. Because my older brother is frequently absent from school, she said that every time we had dinner with her.

Because my mother worked in the cafeteria when I was in high school, I couldn't miss any classes because she was aware of my schedules. In any case, I don't have any plans to skip classes.

She is working quite hard just to keep us at our school and, of course, to live. She got up early in the morning to make our breakfast and get ready for work at 5 a.m.

After nearly a decade of this, I sincerely want to help her, but she's stubbornly resisted. She doesn't want me to leave school. So, in high school, I worked hard to prove to my mother that I was doing well in school.

After high school, I really wanted to attend college, but I was not able to. Because we don't have the funds, I decided to look for a job. Fortunately, I was able to pass the application for the position of customer service representative despite my low educational level at the time.

After that, I got a job and started saving money in order to return to school. According to what my mother told me, I don't have to pay her my salary; instead, I should put it away for myself. I went to the store and bought the stuff we needed for our house, all without asking my mother's approval. I just explained to her that it's for my personal benefit so that budgeting my allowance and saving more will be simple for me.

She is powerless to intervene, and she stated, "I'm glad you can make your own decisions, and just be cautious in the future. If I die, you know what to do. You don't need my advice any longer."

I don't like it when parents tell us about their deaths in the future; I know we'll all die, but please don't talk about it.

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August 24, 2015

It's payday, so I went out and bought some food for my mother, including her favorite Jollibee hamburger. She enjoys it because my mother always told me when I was a kid that if she had the money, she would buy a Jollibee hamburger.

September 5, 2015

My older brother texted me to say that I needed to leave work early to get home early since our mother was sick. I hurried back home and now I'm baffled as to where they went. Our home is completely empty.

We were shocked to learn that our mother had been taken to the hospital because she was in so much pain. I went to the hospital and haven't had any sleep yet because I worked at night and my sleeping time is during the day.

Then, I asked my mother what happen and she told me that its nothing.

That day, I called my boss to request an emergency leave so that I could care for my mother in the hospital.

She is so unwell that she is unable to eat. While I'm on her side, she advised me, "Always remember to find your way to success and don't spend your time sitting around doing nothing, you weren't born into a wealthy family, and don't make a hasty decision, develop a plan on the things that you want to do."

I promised her and told her, "Don't worry mom, I'll remember what you said."

Because she can't move her body, she grinned at me while looking into my eyes. Then she added, "I'm going to sleep, and you should too."

After a short wait for her to drift off to sleep, I also did.

September 6, 2015: 5 A.M in the morning, My mother is ill, and the doctor came to check on her and woke me up. She had lost consciousness, and her body was trembling. I sobbed in front of her as I watched her. She is trembling uncontrollably, and blood is dripping from her nostrils.

It's heartbreaking to see my mother in such a difficult position, and I feel helpless to assist. My mother had passed away, the doctor told me after a few hours.

As I sobbed repeatedly, all of our shared memories came rushing back.

After that, I returned home with the bad news, and my mother's friend told me, "I'm so sorry, We can't tell you that your mother is sick, she has diabetes and she has hidden it to all of you for a very long time, she has a lot of complications in her organs and we manage to help her but we respect her decision to hide it with your siblings."

I can't hold it against them because they had nothing to do with it in the first place.

However, it's upsetting to learn that your mother is suffering from a serious illness and you are completely unaware of it. We know very little about her health, although the doctor did confirm that she had diabetes and complications with her kidneys and lungs. That was her first time going to the hospital and we see her as healthy as we are.

I dislike my mother's decision, but I tried to see why she did it. She cares deeply about us and wants us to be stress-free so we can concentrate on our academics and jobs.

If you're reading this and your mother is still alive, tell her how much you love her and take care of her as best you can before it's too late. You have a limited amount of time with your mother, so make the most of it. We've only got a short time left on this planet; go right away!


Rewriting this narrative is necessary due to the fact that it contains numerous grammar errors and the fact that I am an ineffective storyteller. Even if I've already published something, I double-check my work, and if I find any faults, I'll want to start over.

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Written by   135
1 month ago
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Not only to our mothers, but to our loved ones.., truly, we don't know until when we will be with them.. we need to spend time with them and show appreciation to everything they does..

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1 month ago

I feel the same way sis. I am sorry for your loss. The world is entirely different without moms in it. I still have mine but she's far away and I miss her so much.

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1 month ago