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Crappy Articles

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1 month ago

They claimed that the read and noise platform in BCH is the most worthless. On these platforms, you'll just discover pointless articles, clickbait, and spammers. Have not had a significant influence on BCH because all of the users here are simply cashing out their BCH for fiat.

Crappy Articles

In terms of writing, most of the users here, like me, have never written before, yet writing is not just for expert writers. It is not restricted, and everyone can write according to their own set of rules. Some people will post articles about BCH, and if you go around the site, you'll notice that not everyone is writing about it.

I've written a few of them based on my own experiences. I accept that you hope that someone will notice your post and give you some tips at first, but I've realized that writing BCH-related topics is difficult.

Those who think read/noise is only for spammers that spam poor articles everywhere in the hopes of getting some tips are the folks who don't read the articles in

Writing is a wonderful activity, yet no one is ever good at it when they first start. Before you can perfect or come close to perfecting your writing, you must have years of experience.

Selling Ideas and Voluntary Funding

A large number of people, not just in read or noise, are sharing their ideas and hoping that a large number of people in the community will donate money to help them implement their ideas.

They become upset when the community refuses to fund their projects. Every person on the planet has an idea, but only a few are as good as others. You may have ideas, but they may not be very good.

You must take action if you truly want the community to sponsor your project. They will only back you up if you have proof, and your plan must be distinctive and effective.

You must keep in mind that they are under no obligation to fund your projects. There are many people who have a fantastic idea but have failed because the community is uninterested in their efforts or ideas.

Purpose of and

Because so many people are now utilizing BCH, these sites have a significant impact on the BCH community. It is widely used in the Philippines, with the Philippines accounting for the majority of users of noise and read.

The goal of read and noise, in my opinion, is to get BCH into the hands of those who aren't familiar with cryptocurrencies and to expose BCH to people who are interested in things other than cryptocurrency.

read and noise has dispersed BCH to folks who are unfamiliar with crypto and BCH. I had no prior knowledge about BCH and just learned about it when I started using

It is not a problem if people in the Philippines use these platforms to cash out their earnings. They came to make money, and cashing it out in locations like the Philippines is nothing out of the ordinary.

The most crucial thing that read and noise accomplished was let people to use BCH. Even if those individuals are converting BCH to fiat, they are at least aware of BCH and able to use it without difficulty.

My Message

What did you expect from those who thought read and noise was a waste of time? It is a free social media service that allows you to earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You will not be able to find a perfect platform on which to read perfect blogs and articles.

If that's your concern, you can utilize Read and Noise's filter feature to filter topics that you want to view, so if that's the case, you can use that tool based on your interests.

You can even develop your own platform and moderate it perfectly. These posts are probably as bad as hell, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

Writing is not for the perfect person, yet it is possible for an imperfect person to write well if they try. That ends today's talk.

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Written by   137
1 month ago
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Really!? Those who said that have never really read an article in or even spent a good 5 minutes read time on I really wonder why people are so fast to throw rocks at the face of something they don't even know.

For one undeniable truth, those who have earned BCH through and and have converted it to fiat have used it for something good and beneficial to them or to the people around them.

These two platforms have indeed attained their objective of having more users adopt BCH or the knowledge of BCH other than the general knowledge of cryptocurrency.

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1 month ago

The first sentence is something someone wrote about I would love to find the source of those claims. There are plenty of bitter individuals that didn't try enough with and just started accusing the platform right after abandoning it.

Also, are they talking about just the quality of articles? What does contribution to BCH has to do with someone selling the BCH? Is there a contract with the platform to hold the BCH?

And most importantly, how these people know the users are selling their BCH and not putting them instead in a good use? On chain analysis is not easy without having tools. Completely disagree about the quality by the way, and not because I write on

I write in other platforms too. quality is far better than Hive. Articles here have structure, quality and offer details. At Hive it is mostly 1-2 minutes reading time and cover the topics only artificially.

I'm not sure what else we can compare with. Maybe Medium which is a top-100 website, and has professional writers publishing there.

For sure I wouldn't even consider comparison with troll-infested Reddit, which is just a forum anyway.

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1 month ago

I never had respect for spammers, been in writing world from 7+ years... have seen so much spamming and plagiarism that I could recognize them from miles away... and i do not follow any of them... Also, I do not encourage people only to wrote about BCH because as you said, most of us are new to this...I came to know about BCH only last month and I'm so thankful that I have a niche that is "Paranormal" and mostly write about horror ghost stories... But I would gladly appreciate people who write random posts because everyone has a life and has a different story to write about... love them all until they do not copy

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1 month ago