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Bitcoin Cash Help Me Build My Home

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3 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH, Story

Bitcoin Cash never fails me in this kind of situation. Today, I want to share a story how Bitcoin Cash saved me from being homeless.

My Story

I live in a place where we don't own. I mean we are living in an area that we don't know who the real owner is.

I was born in that place and I lived there for almost 20 years without any problems.

I have a lot of memories in that place and my parents used to live and die there but I don't have the power to stay on that place because at the first place we don't any parts of it and we are just borrowing it for a very long time.

I was planning to rebuild that place when I was a kid. I have no idea that we don't even have a permission to live there.

My mother told me before that I need to study so that I can live the life that I wanted but as of the moment, I'm failing my mother's request but I am still working on it so at least even she is not here anymore I can tell that I am the right track.

What happen?

One day, I received a message from my neighbours that we need to find a place to stay soon because the owner of the land will take over the place.

We are advised to leave as soon as possible and we don't received any assistance from them but I understand why. It's hard for me to leave that place but I need to. We don't expect that it will happen at this time where we are in a recovery phase of pandemic.

So I stopped posting here in for 3 weeks because I am busy looking for a new place. It's hard to get a place to stay at this time because I am living in a province and we don't have much apartment to stay.

I don't have enough cash as well to sustain for an apartment. Most of the apartments here as well cost a lot because they are not that simple so I'd better get a house than getting an apartment.

What did I do

So I decided to withdraw 80% of my earnings and savings in my Bitcoin Cash Wallet. I made enough from my previous articles and I saved some from my salary.

After that, I look for a place to start my journey with the of internet. I am lucky that I withdrawn my earnings before the crash of BCH and other cryptocurrency.

I am hesitating to spend my earnings but I guess I made the right decision. I am not just earning it, I am saving for a situation like this and I think it's worth it.

Fortunately, I found a new place nearby. It's just a small house with 2 bedrooms and it's not that bad and it only cost about $300.

My Plans

I am now in my new journey with my new home. There is a lot things that need to repair but I'm happy that I have it now and I am not living in someone's property.

So what I am planning to do now is to save BCH again to repair my new house. I am not relying in to repair my house but is one of my platforms that perform better.

I am selling online using Facebook but it's not enough. I have work as well but most of my salary will go to food and daily needs.

So the other way to earn more is from cryptocurrency and one of it is Bitcoin Cash. I have some of the popular cryptocurrency but Bitcoin Cash is the best among them.

Usually I am posting articles every 3 days buy after I evacuated I lost my Internet connection and it's too expensive if I use mobile data to connect on the Internet because Internet in my country has a limitations and it's very slow.

What I Have Learn From This

Some people may think that cryptocurrency is a scam or it's just a token on the internet but for me cryptocurrency is not just a digital money.

Especially Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash gives hope to people that in need. I am not referring to because it's the platform that rewards you Bitcoin Cash for your effort and work but I am referring to Bitcoin Cash directly.

Some people say that saved me and not Bitcoin Cash. But what I think is Bitcoin Cash is the reason that I joined here.

If Bitcoin Cash does not exists then does not too. I made enough money because I hold Bitcoin Cash in just a small amount of time.

I use Bitcoin Cash to get my new home and I think that's the real purpose of Bitcoin Cash. You know what I mean? A money that can be use any time when you need it.

I'm glad that there is a lot of generous people in Bitcoin Cash community that gives appreciation with your efforts.

Out of Topic

By the way thank you so much for supporting me. I've heard some feedbacks from users here that I need to put some graphics on my articles but I am not really good on doing that and I am afraid of copyright so if you have suggestions where I can get better photos or graphics for my articles, feel free to use the comment section.

Some of my work are written well and it's because a friend of mine is helping me because I am not really great in writing. So if you found some of my articles that has a lot of errors, that's my work. But don't worry, I will make it better and better.

That's it for today and have a great day!

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Written by   134
3 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH, Story
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Wonderful story, I'm glad you have a new home! Our BCH saved your life! :)

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2 months ago

I am happy that you finally find your new place 🧡. Thanks to BCH. Indeed, it really opens a lot of doors to ordinary people like us.

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3 months ago

Oh that's good to know. Indeed I have experienced the same thing regarding cryptocurrency earnings. It always saves us from emergency situations. Good thing you were able to find a new home. Are you renting it? Maybe you can save money to buy a house and lot too. Hehe.

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3 months ago