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BCH received hates

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1 month ago

Haters is everywhere. Spreading the good news about Bitcoin Cash is not everyone's interest and you may encounter some haters while in progress.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media is a good tool to spread bitcoin cash news due to its massive number of users and potential holders of Bitcoin Cash.

What happen?

I am actively inviting people to be part of bitcoin cash community and I'm using facebook as my main social media tool. Here in the Philippines, most the people here are in Facebook that is why I choose that platform.

I met some people that has interest with Bitcoin Cash after we talked and some of them are not new in cryptocurrency and putting Bitcoin Cash down instead.

What I mean is, they're saying that Bitcoin Cash is just a copycat and it will have no future.

Things that haters said to me

  • Bitcoin Cash is a copy of bitcoin and manipulated by whales right now to gain more profit from people.

  • There is a much better coin than Bitcoin Cash.

  • You should invest your time in other crypto instead of that trash coin called Bitcoin Cash.

  • and is just using by @MarcDeMesel to gain more profit from people. He is just using it so that more people will use Bitcoin Cash and he has a lot of it and when the price is enough he will just pull his money out of it and run away.

  • Your community is biased and most of the site that run by Bitcoin Cash does not accept promotion for other crypto and they will not support it.

  • Its just a scam

This is my first time that people are sending me messages about Bitcoin Cash in negative form. Some of them hates me because I argue with them and some of them blocked me literally.

It didn't change my point of view about bitcoin cash and I still want to spread the news about it. Some people will just agree with them but not me.

Questions that they asked and my replies

  • Why we should choose Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is the only cryptocurrency that can serve as our daily currency in the future. Unlike any other coin out there, Bitcoin Cash can only do these things in your daily life. That's what we want with this crypto and a lot of projects has been rised to spread Bitcoin Cash Awareness/Adoption and it will help gain more users for Bitcoin Cash.

Merchants all over the world are starting to accept Bitcoin Cash as their payment method and no other crypto can do that especially Bitcoin.

  • Why BCH is better than BTC?

I answered, Try to buy a coffee with your BTC.

They told me to show some proofs about the projects of Bitcoin Cash so I send them a link of articles here in Why here? It is the best place to show them proofs about BCH and this is the best place to find information about BCH.

Here is some of the articles that I sent them.

Articles from sir @CryptoMax

Other articles is from @SatoshisAngels @dagur and more users in this platform. I am putting the articles that I have sent to them because I don't want to fill this article with full of links, sorry.

What happen after I showed them those articles?

Some of them was amazed and they want to more about bitcoin and they signup here to join as well. Some of them just laughed at me and told me if im just joking.

So I just ignored them after those rude replies by them and moved on.

You can't change what people think of you and what you are doing but atleast I tried and explain to them what I want to say. I showed them proof and still they just keep their mind of hating Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Community is full of generous people and they will help if you are doing great and as what I've experienced here in this platform.

Some of them are saying that, I am just doing this because I am getting some profit if I'm inviting people. I told them yes, I gain some small commission from people that I have Invited but on the other hand, I lead them to a place where they are appreciated and rewarded with their efforts.

And That's true.

Some of them wants me to convert all of my BCH to the coins that they are investing in but I've been in those coins and it does not work for me so I will just stick with Bitcoin Cash.

My plans

As what I've experienced with BCH haters, I need to research more about Bitcoin Cash Project, Adoption and other activities about bitcoin cash because that is the hard part for me if they asked about it.

I need to read more articles here about comparisons od BCH to other crypto because it is one of the frequently asked questions by people that I have encountered.

I need to ready my emotions next time. Some of them are insulting me and I can't control my emotions with that so I need to ready my emotions if I will encounter the same people like them again.

I need a research technique because I think I'm too slow in researching something and I'm also watching videos how to do that but it's not working for me. If you have suggestions, you can comment below.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank all the people that support me in this platform and giving me the energy to write more. I will do my best on my futurr articles.

Support me by commenting below and tell me the things that I need to learn based in this article. I can't write articles everyday due to busy life. Quarantine period is still ongoing so just forgive me if I can't reply faster with your comments and questions.

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Written by   137
1 month ago
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You have selected very nice topic as here on most of content is only PRO BCH. Giving a thought of anti BCH community helps establish a better reasoning of their objections

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1 month ago

I actually appreciate the effort you put into trying to convince those people to adopt Bitcoincash but some people are just beyond helping because it's difficult to change their minds.

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1 month ago