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BCH is much more better than BTC

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1 month ago

BCH is like bitcoin but with some adjustments to it to make it digital cash or money. BCH is fast, secure, peer to peer with low transactions fees, unlike bitcoin that can have higher fees.


Bitcoin has 3 transactions per second and it takes hours or days to finally be confirmed. It is not practical if you use BTC as digital cash. Bitcoin Cash has over 100 transactions per second, just imagine that. BCH has a consistent of $0.01 for every transaction and BTC can have $5-$50 per transaction.

We all know that the transaction in Bitcoin Cash is almost instant. BCH adoption is also spread all over the world with 100,000 merchants accepting it. you can also check this link if you want to find merchants near you. Link: Maps

Bitcoin Cash

  • Borderless - meaning you can use it anywhere in the world. you don't need to worry about the restrictions of other countries.

  • Uncensorable - no one can freeze your wallet or shut it down.

  • Peer-to-peer - Send and receive bitcoin cash without going to a bank or middleman.

  • Secure - guaranteed by the blockchain.

  • No KYC - Skip bureaucracy.

If you don't have a bitcoin cash wallet, you can visit this link.

Wallet link: Bitcoin Wallet | Store Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Cash is better than Credit Cards

Escape the credit card fees that you are facing right now and use BCH payments for lower transaction fees. The good thing here is, your account can't be freeze unlike credit cards and banks.

BCH is digital and credit card is digital as well. they are similar in one thing and that is being a digital payment but the benefits in BCH are much more valuable than using credit cards.

BCH has an amazing community as well that helps a lot of people that are building BCH much better. by the way, if you want to support BCH Projects, you don't need to do it yourself, you can just support them in other ways like donating BCH on their projects.

Bitcoin Cash is for everyone, Unlike other cryptos out there than you need to have money to have their crypto, bitcoin cash gives the opportunity to everyone that supports it. What I mean is now BCH has a place for people that don't have a job. - is a good place to spend your BCH. This place is for freelancers that selling their services to anyone like Fiverr. If you don't know what Fiverr is, it is a site that is a place to go if you want to sell your digital services. 

  • Video Editing - if you are good at video editing why don't you try to sell your service in Everyone is on the internet right now and vlogs are everywhere. Take it as an opportunity to show your talent.

  • Photoshop or Photo Editing is a good choice as well.

  • Writing, SEO, and more are available on the site.

Check here > Bitworkerss!

Good in writing? is a place for you but if you are reading this, maybe you are already here on this platform so it's unnecessary to discuss it here.

Are you good at inviting people? Invite a person to use BCH or onboard a merchant. If you want to make some money in BCH it is one of the things that you can do. Bitcoin Cash needs more people and more people means, higher demands in BCH supply = high price for BCH. It will benefit the BCH and of course, you.

For more information about this, you can visit this link: How to Earn Bitcoin Cash BCH - Bitcoin Cash Site

There is a lot of opportunity in Bitcoin Cash and more are still incoming. That's it for today and thank you for reading this.

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Written by   137
1 month ago
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BCH has many advantages that we can't count them all,when making high transaction with banks they charge us at a higher fee but with BCH we can transfer at least 1BCH and the transaction fee would be 0.04 isn't that ok by us.

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1 month ago

Good article... keep it up

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1 month ago

I am happy that I was able to know more about the differences of each Crypto coins through reading articles here and some content in noise

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1 month ago