The Flight On Christmas Morning (III)

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"Mr, would you like something to drink?" The flight attendant asks Elliot ."Would I ever. I'll take two bourbons and a sprite, please." Elliot says anxiously. "Certainly." Then she turns her attention to Alexis. "And for you, Miss?" She asks. "I'll have a red wine and a glass of water, please and thank you." Alexis says. Then before she has too much time to talk herself out of it, she speaks up again. "And the two bourbons are on me as well." Alexis turns back towards Elliot after she receives confirmation from the flight attendant and smiles. Elliot has a look of confusion on his face. "Uh...I--"

Alexis cuts him off before he could finish. "I noticed that you seem to be having a less than stellar experience with the flight so far. I was going to ask if I could get you a glass of water earlier when we were taking off, but you seemed a little preoccupied with your own thoughts. I hope that this will help you feel a bit more at ease." Alexis says, still smiling.

"I...Well, thank you. You really didn't have to do that though. Now, I feel like I should buy the next round." Elliot says, smiling genuinely. Alexis laughs. "Normally, I would take you up on that offer, but I'm afraid that I have to go into a meeting once we land. It will probably not be a very wise idea to have more than this one drink. But, I really appreciate the thought."

The sound of the woman's laugh makes Elliot's heart start racing and he smiles easily at her. "I see. Well, if you decide that you want a snack from the food cart, I've got you." Elliot says with a wink. Then he extends his hand. "I'm Elliot by the way. Elliot Grey." Alexis takes his hands. "I'm Alexis. It's very nice to meet you Elliot." She says.

Elliot beams feeling much better about the flight all of a sudden. "Likewise. said that you have a meeting today ? But it's Christmas." He wonders if he's being toointrusive, but he doesn't want their conversation to end. "Yes it is. Whatever it is that my bosses and shareholders want to talk about, it evidently can't wait." Alexis says.

Elliot is impressed and honestly a bit intimidated. "Wow. You must be pretty important then, if your presence is being requested by all of the 'big guys'." Alexis laughs again. "I don't know about that but I'd like to think that they like to hear my feedback every once in a while." There's that laugh again. "Well, they are definitely lucky to have you if they can pull you away from your family and friends on Christmas day." Elliot says, nodding. Alexis smiles. "To be honest, I was happy to get away."

Elliot raises an eye brow inquisitively. Alexis chuckles. "God, that must sound horrible." When the look of confusion doesn't leave Elliot's face, she continues. "My sister and brother-in-law got married last year. They have a wonderful home and she's pregnant with their first child. I, on the other hand, am single, living on my own, and do not really have plans to change that anytime soon. Family time is not nearly as great as it used to be because naturally, my parents are now constantly worried that I will end up an old maid, with a cat."

"Oh I highly doubt that would ever happen." Elliot blurts out without meaning to speak aloud...

To Be Continued...

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Can you post 2 Episodes per day?😂 just joking. I was hoping Elliot would be one of the "bosses" but with the way the conversation is going i don't think so

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It's that interesting huh? :)... Let's wait and find out

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