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I always wondered what 'nothing' meant

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2 months ago

When I woke up on a dusty floor in a situation I could not yet fathom, my first reaction was to groan in annoyance. But when I went back into the memories of the night before, my heart skipped a beat.

I couldn't recall where I was, how I got there or how long I had been there.

But still I pushed myself off the floor, joints popping and cracking, and my entire body protesting. I slowly reached for the flashlight I kept with my keys which, thankfully no one took. I warily turned it on, and immediately did not like where I was. Not that I ever liked waking up in unknown places.

Especially if that unknown place had cold, stone brick walls and smelled of death and decay and thick layers of dust. There was no one was around, and the torches decorating the walls at strategic points were burnt out already.

It was then that I realized my heart was beating like mad.

But the fright hadn't settled in yet. I couldn't recall anything that happened the day before, and I was in what could quite possibly be the creepiest building in the country, but for some reason I didn't panic.

Well, until I looked down and jumped at the fact that my whole body was covered in bruises, cuts and scrapes. I looked around flailing the flashlight, and began walking, memorizing the turns, so I didn't get lost.

All I could smell was blood and death, and combined with the fact that the place seemed to be cleaned once in a few decades, it was awful. I couldn't help but cough, and scare myself doing it; my head snapped up, my whole body tensing before relaxing, and I realized that oh,

I made that noise.

I got lost in my thoughts and I had no idea where I was heading, or where I came from. I nearly fell down a flight of unexpected, creaky metal stairs that lead to what seemed to be sewers. The scent of decay and sewage was increasing by the second, and almost making me gag. I spotted a sluggish looking puddle of liquid on the floor. I thought of everything that could be in it as I cautiously stepped around it.

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I made a sharp turn, breathing through my ripped sleeve, and then my heart froze As I saw what was around the corner.

Bodies. Bodies ripped apart and thrown into the disgustingly coloured water; blood and sewage, an uneven orange hue spreading across the eroding stones, collecting where gravity pulled it to.

I looked around properly for the first time since I got to the sewers. Wooden boxes lay everywhere, scattered around in the little over ankle deep water. I carefully placed my foot on the closest box. It seemed stable enough, so I stepped onto it. It wobbled slightly but I regained my balance, even through my dizziness. I reached out for another box but froze when I heard water splashing to my right. I slowly looked up, mt heart racing and waved the flashlight but I couldn't see a thing. I went back to pulling the box towards myself when I heard it again. The splashing of water, footsteps to be exact.

In my panic, I whipped my head around, flashlight following. Nothing. There wasn't a single threat apart from the looming sewer walls and stench that radiated from the water that was seeping into wood of the boxes.

The footsteps had faded and I lost my balance again, my head became fuzzy and my heart raced, before I simply fainted, dropping motionless into the water and feeling my skin and flesh rip. I heard the squishing noises of someone chewing, before things went bright and hot and I woke up to nothing.


Even now, there's still nothing.

I never knew nothing was possible. I mean, there's always something. When you think of nothingness, you tend to imagine nothing as a black silence, but black is something same way silence is something. This, on the other hand, is nothing. I can't describe it, simply because there is nothing to describe. Nothing. The word keeps running through my mind. The lack of everything confuses me and frustrates me even more; I can't figure out what's going on.

Problem is, nothing is going on, and I think I'm dead.

Author's Note :

Today's raining. Keep safe and pray to God always. 😘 and of course my beloved internet friends out there. thanks for supporting me here. I love you. 😊❤

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Written by   122
2 months ago
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Is there a killing that has happened sis? Hehe

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2 months ago