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A Parallel of Thrills

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1 month ago

At first, I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into. This was all a lot bigger than me. It was a lot bigger than I imagined. It was too late now, though. I had been dragged into it. There was no turning back.

It started with a sudden jerk forward I drew a deep breathe, anxious as to what lay ahead of me. Looking back over my shoulder, I could see at least a dozen people accompanying me. They all seemed to be enjoying the moment. It was as if they were happy to see my pain. Happy to see my misfortune.

There was a slight breeze. It was cold against my face. Goosebumps began to thrive up and down both my arms. My heartbeat was gradually increasing, anticipating something to go horribly wrong. But all I could do was wait I had no control over what was laid out ahead of me.

Two men were positioned in front of me, everyone else followed suit in their wake. Their facial expressions were misleading. I didn't feel how they felt at all. I was the only one under stress.

"What have I got myself into?" I said out loud. No one responded they were all too busy enjoying the view. We were now progressing up a hill with a beautiful sunset painted along the horizon. The late august sky was a brilliant shade of orange mixed with a splatter of yellow and purple.

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The hill was tall. It was intimidating. It was clawing it's way against my courage. But I tried to fight it. It truly was a fight for the ages. My nerves joined forces with the hill's mighty appearance. They turned against me. I was all alone.

"Oh, this can't be happening."

Once again, everyone ignored me. They didn't care for my pain. I just wanted it to be over. It's been a long day. Butterflies were roosting in my stomach leading up to this moment. I felt sick. My heart sunk; we reached the top.

I didn't even have time to enjoy the view from the crest of the hill. It all happened too quickly. I closed my eyes immediately. I didn't want to see it. I knew it would frighten me. It was too surreal.

High pitch screams erupted through the crisp air. I nearly jumped out of my own skin. Everything was happening so fast. Every hair on my body stood on end, like troops standing at attention. It was a scary feeling. My body couldn't handle it. It was overwhelming.

I opened my eye to sneak a peak at what was going on, but closed it again instantly. My stomach was dropping. Sweat was pouring down my forehead like a never ending waterfall. My mind was a blur, shaking in each and every direction.

I should never have gotten myself into this mess. But I was in too deep, now. We were heading straight into the unknown. A tunnel lay before us. It was times like these where I wish I wasn't claustrophobic. I held my breath as we entered.

The sunlight evaporated in a flash. Everything went black. Darkness consumed us. I considered closing my eyes again, but I couldn't see anything with them open.. Now devoid of light. I didn't know what to expect.

The tunnel was suddenly filled with more screams. They came from behind me. I swung my head around to find the noise, but something pushed me to the left, catching me off-guard. I couldn't see what happened or who pushed me, but the time had passed. We kept moving forward, further and further into the shadows.

My fingers were shaking. I couldn't see them when I looked down, but it felt as if they could trigger an earthquake. I wanted to give into my fears, but I knew the darkness wouldn't fade. It showed no mercy. It seemed to laugh at my frightened mindset.

But then a small white dot appeared. A light emerged. It was the end of the tunnel. We were getting closer. My claustrophobic mind was begging for time to speed up. I wanted this to end. I shouldn't have accepted to do this. This was all a mistake.

The light at the end of the tunnel finally reached us. We were free from darkness. The world came back into view. The sun had now descended beneath the horizon, leaving its last few glimmers of gold along the valley. Night was upon us.

"Here comes the best part!" Cackled the man in front of me, turning around and seeing the fear in my eyes. He could see my pain, but he didn't care.

I wanted to tell him he was wrong, but the words were trapped in my throat. They couldn't find an escape. I didn't believe him. I didn't want to believe him. But then I saw it. A massive circular structure lay ahead of us.

The sight of it was nearly enough to make me faint. Torches were lit all along the edge of it, creating a large, fiery nightmare. Surely I wouldn't be making it out alive.

I squeezed my eyelids shut as we drew closer, the massive circle towering over us. My stomach dropped once more as we reached it and more screams filled the darkening air. My brain felt as if it was going to cease to exist.

Then everything came to an abrupt halt. It came so unexpected, my eyes were still closed, my body still tensed up. The two men in front of me and everyone behind me stood up and walked away.They abandoned me, after all we've been through.

"Sir, you can get out now," said a voice.

"What?" I said, opening my eyes.

"The ride's over," said a teenage boy, looking bored. Thanks for riding The Rainbow Rocket Coaster, have a great night."

I disembarked the roller coaster and headed for the amusement park's exit, a smile painted across my face.

Author's Note:


This is a fiction story. I hope you like it. 😁 I would like to give a special thank you to all my sponsors and to all those person who upvote and like my article😁 love you all darlings. ✨❤

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Written by   118
1 month ago
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Why do I feel like there's something deep in the story using the roller coaster? 🤔😁

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1 month ago

Heheeh nice description of that feeling of being in a roller coaster..

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1 month ago