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1 BCH HODLER: My First Ever 1BCH, Five Months and Two Weeks Earlier Instead of Ten Months

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1 year ago

"Goals and plans in life are meant to be conquered; just stay focused and endure until we witness it fulfills right in front of our innocent eyes." - Carewind

Setting a Goal: 1 BCH within Ten Months, Earnings Only

It was the first day of March, 2021. I decided to take on a journey and challenge myself to just HODL everything I'll earn in and never sell even a single satoshi of it, not until I hodl 1 BCH on my e-wallet. So the goal was set, and it's already up to me how determined I was to achieve it.

How I came up with the Goal of Hodling 1 BCH?

I was a user of since January 4th of this year. Starting that day until February 28, last day for that month, I used to convert everything I earned in each and everyday airdrop. Until I bump to a user on, but I forget the name, with a post of achieving such feat in a span of 8 months but both with and earnings. It was evening of February 28, so the next day is already month of March. So, without any hesitation, I challenge myself to do the same also. During this day's, I can earn 0.00300000 satoshis per day in because the value of BCH at this moment was high and I don't have account during this days also. What I did with my not so math lover mind is, I did the calculations basing only from my daily earnings.

300,000sats x 30 days = 9000000 per month
0.09000000 x 10 months = 0.90000000 total
300k satoshis is my lowest earning number
of SATs per day during this days of March.

First: Month of March

During my first month, I earned a total of 0.13000000 BCH. It was a great accomplishment for the entire month of March and way beyond mg monthly expected earnings on the calculations I made above.

Second: Month of April

On the second month of my goal, I was a little to chill and I only earned 0.12000000 BCH for the entire month of April guys.

Third: Month of May

In the following month of May, third month into the goal,wherein BCH did good in the market reaching the mark for its second all time high, I earned a total of 0.24000000 BCH. I remember earning three day with more than $20 each, and during that time, I earned a total of $105.90 dollars in that last week of May. To put evidence to it, here's the days when I earned more than $20 dollars in

Note: All screenshot are mine and the value is as of this writings. August 13, 2021.

May 24, 2021

This day is one of those days wherein I feel very happy and lucky. I finally earned double digits in twenty's. It's my highest earning day soo far in my journey with $26 dollars in the last seven (7) months as a user.

May 26, 2021

For the second time, I earned more than $20 dollars again in one day with guys. It was $21.50 dollars during the actual day when I cashout those earnings.

May 28, 2021

Third and last day of my double digit earning days in guys. After this day, made an update regarding hearty's reacts rate.

Based on that transaction history of mine in my wallet, you can also see that I sent $20 dollars to my StormGain trading app to fund my trading aspirations, but I lost it all. That's the reason also why I stop future trading. Im really bad add it.!

As written in the upper paragraph before the images/screenshot, I said that I earned a total of $105.90 dollars. I haven't save a copy of my earnings screenshot and it was on my other phone that went down last month where I have save the image, but I did manage to upload it on Reddit. I don't know how to download images from Reddit. So, I will just attach the link of my post here guys!

Tap the image to be redirected to the original post. I used to share my link in reddit to inspire other and to also promote the adaption of BCH.

Month of May was the most exciting month soo far in my journey. All the big earnings was due to the update of hearty's with automatic $0.01 per heart react. Isn't it amazing guys?

Fourth: Month of June

During the first day of this month, what I remember was admin decided to end the hearty's experiment and transition to randomly giving airdrops of heart reactions. It was a little bit shaky, I wasn't really that active for ten (10) straight days, because I went back home after one (1) year and six (6) months of not being able comeback home due to the pandemic. But with all these shaky situations, I still manage to earned enough BCH because of the dropping of the BCH market price to below $400 mark. I still manage to earned a total of 0.21000000 BCH for the entire month of June.

Fifth: Month of July

The month of July was still a down trending month for BCH, but I'm still accumulating enough satoshis and earned a total of 0.22oooooo BCH. Wanna know why? Because it is the month where I started to focus on writing content here in almost everyday. So more time on phone, means more time to visit I have written seven (7) articles in sixteen days guys and I'm very proud of it, even if I ain't good in english and my grammar too. You can read these articles by this link below:

Tap Me 😉

First Two Weeks of August

Seeing my growth and the total number of my accumulated BCH for the last five months guys, I convinced myself to push more and doubles my activities and engagements in With efforts and short slept nights. I managed to earn 0.14000000 BCH in just twelve (12) days guys. It gives me the enough number to accumulate and hodl an intact 1 full BCH. I am hodling it in my wallet.

Summary: Monthly Accumulated BCH

March:   0.13000000 BCH
April:   0.12000000 BCH
May:     0.24000000 BCH
June:    0.21000000 BCH
July:    0.22000000 BCH
August:  0.14000000 BCH
Total:   1.06000000 BCH

Winding Up

All in all, it was a great and fun experience soo far by just enjoying the platforms vibe day and night, especially the users you meet that turns into virtual friends who always keep on supporting each other. This feat won't be possible without y'all guys love and support since day one (1). It's an incredible taste of satisfying your inner soul on expressing your true self without being judge by any troll or perfectionist keyboard warriors, unlike any other social media platforms. I been a user for more than seven (7) months now and I have seen and witnessed every update and steps taken by administration towards a better and more enjoyable platforms in the web. Kudo's to y'all.!!!!!

Special Thanks To:

The Man himself, one of the most generous and ever dynamic person behind and, Bitcoincash BCH enthusiast, no other than, the one and only Sir @MarcDeMesel for funding such amazing and helpful micro-blogging platforms which helps thousands of individuals who are struggling during this unprecedented times of the world, due to Covid-19 Pandemic like me who losses a job. I can't thank you enough Sir Marc for the unending support to both of this platforms. I will ride with you Sir and this platforms until adaption of BCH all around the world is achieved. Once again, thank you and God bless.!!!!

Author's Quote:

"The moment you take action to your goals, is also the moment you start winning: never let your fears hold you back, instead firm your beliefs in God and train your mind to never quit." - Carewind

Hello there buddy!!!!🙋🏽‍♂️ I'm glad you reach the end again, thank y'all for always sharing your day with me, see you on the next one buddies, have a chill vibe day, stay hopeful cause better days are comin', Jah bless.!!! 🙏🙇


1 BCH HODLER: My First Ever 1BCH, Five 
Months and Two Weeks Earlier Instead of 
Ten Months.
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August 14, 2021 - 08:38am

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Written by   177
1 year ago
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