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When It Appear They Love You No More

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6 months ago

In a situation as "When they love you no more", getting to know of it, is often difficult. Especially when we are heads over heels in love with the person.

And this, always brings about some kind of soreness in a relationship, which may not be easily healed, if the relationship is annulled.

To avoid uneven heartbreaks, disappointments, emotional trauma, or pain, which follows the break-up of every relationship, as a human, we have to be way observant and look out for signs pertaining to this if any.

Now, this is where the big question lies. "How do you know when they stop loving you?"

It's often difficult like I said, especially when we are head over heels in love with a person. But, we won't let love blind us entirely?

Would we?

No, we won't.

Signs someone is not into you anymore:

✓They give you little or lesser time than they initially used to.

Yes! A guy or lady creates adequate time for whom they love. To hear for them and communicate. The moment they become nonchalant about you and your life, just know there is a problem.

It is true that that individual doesn't love you anymore. And yes! He/she is probably too busy with someone, busy enough that they forgot you.

✓When they suddenly do not prioritize your words, what you say, suggestions or ideas bring. They don't even notice the fact you did a contribution at all. Why?

Because they are busy living like the days of their singlehood, forgetting they are responsible for someone now.

✓ When they would walk away, or not pay attention if I'm saying something.

✓Give so many excuses as to why they can't longer call the as usual, or meet up with the dates they used to before now. It means they are definitely not in love with you anymore. Even if not entirely not in love, but yes! The love they had for you, had begun fading gradually.

✓When they only Speak or communicate with you when they are in the mood for you.

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✓Not proud Enough to showcase you to homies, close friends, and family.

✓When you keep being the one to foster every kind of communication. Without the other party Making any efforts at all. That's because they don't care.

✓ When they offend you and still play the victim side without apologizing.

Either way, here are little signs. But they are the most popular ones.

Always remember you deserve the best, and at each point in time, you are the best of your kind.

Let go of anyone who doesn't love you, to avoid complications later on. Be serious with who takes you seriously.

Attach the same energy someone gives you, to them.

Not everyone that comes into our lives, comes to love us.

Some people come to use us. That's life and how unpredictable it can be times.

At each point in time, we should be able to discern LOVE, when we see one.

Even if you can't, always don't expect so much from people you ain't sure of. Keep a place in your heart, reserved to suppress disappointments when it comes, because humans ain't perfect at all. Not even you!

If you don't understand that things won't always go your way, people won't always love you the way you want to be loved, people won't always have your time, the way you really want, people won't always give you that attention you crave badly., You would end up breaking yourself so much that bringing back your pieces to be in a sane piece again, becomes a task you may never have the energy to do.

Don't ever think highly of someone that they are incapable of disappointing you. No one is above mistakes, neither is anyone perfect. So always be ready for disappointments from humans, at each in time.

Whatever is causing you to stress, and making you lose your sanity slowly., Be it humans, problems, or just anything...

It's unwise if you still choose to harbor them this 2022 with such burdens they bring you.

Lay it off., Lay them off unapologetically.

Your peace of mind and sanity are everything.

Anything or anyone that would come into your life to cause you stress, or take away your peace., Is TOXIC.

They don't worth your time at all.

Please do this.

Get rid of them, throw them off the window. They deserve to be laid off violently as possible. For causing you pains, take away any emotions attached to them and lay them off.

But remember, love them but from a distance.

Your peace of mind is everything and should be paramount to you.

Most importantly, be observant enough to be able to discern it at all your partner loves you no more, so too can adjust, and not be taken Unawares when he serves you a relationship breakfast (breakup).

I wish you the best of Relationships dear. I hope his little piece was able to help you somehow.

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Written by   102
6 months ago
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Simply put, if you're not happy, then leave :)

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5 months ago

How will you know if they don't love you no more? You won't because they won't tell you, it really sad when they don't do that

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6 months ago

This is actually the rules of human being. They would always love to dominate others .

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6 months ago