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Stick To The Process

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7 months ago
Topics: Motivation

In life, we mostly find it hard to start a task and finish it. Even on a normal basis. Little tasks have proven often difficult for us to start and finish immediately without procrastination. And this isn't good at all. Sometimes, we have a different number of reasons for these procrastinations and all that. Maybe, we don't believe in the authenticity of what we are getting into, or we just lack persistence power. There is something we should understand., Always and always. The fact that every good idea or goal, come with their own problems, us everything. And for us to scale through, we have to be ever ready and keep the ball rolling by being persistent.

So many of us know Jay Shetty. A motivational speaker, videographer, writer, and relationship coach. When we look at him today, we see how much of a success he is. We see how many lives he has impacted and so many of us want to be like him. Now, I would be sharing his success story with us.

Years back, Jay Shetty was just a young man, who just entered his youthful years. As time went on, he discovered he had a liking for humanity. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of humans he came across, online and offline. He just wanted to help inspire people to do more and be more. So one day, as a guy who didn't have any present work doing to fetch him money, he had discussed with his friend he lived within the same house. He told him about his plans to start to bless lives through online platforms. That he wanted to go and sign in to one of the media houses and start shooting and making videos with them since he was a good scriptwriter and so, he would have the privilege of acting all he scripted down. It was a very fantastic idea, so his friend had encouraged him. He stepped out that day too so many media houses and to his dismay, he was turned down.

He was asked questions like;

" Do you have any experience with acting?

And each time, he had replied " no"

And they told him he was never fit to be able to work with them.

One particular Manager had told him boldly, that he should go and find another paying job and drop his fruitless dream. That he would amount to nothing if he kept chasing it.

He was so pained to the heart by these words. He left for him dejected. He was discouraged. For some reason, he just wanted to quit. Everyone seemed to say the same thing that "he would not amount to anything if he kept on with his fruitless dreams". "Maybe they were right"

" Maybe my dreams are also fruitless"

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" Maybe I'm wasting quality time on something that won't work out."...

" Maybe I should just fj e a paying job and stop all these dream chases"..

He said all these aloud to the hearing of his friend. That moment was an emotional moment for him. His friend kept encouraging him.

He told him..

"Firstly Jay., Those dreams of yours ain't in any way fruitless. And you will be successful. Just believe in your self"

These words were exactly what Jay needed at that time. He was encouraged. He could feel himself again. His heart gladdened at the hearing of these words. His friend handed him a camera and said to him..

"Since no media house agreed to work with you, here.. (he said handing him the camera)

Take this camera. You can make and edit your own videos from home"

Jay was wowed that was all he needed for a start. He thanked his friend so much, and the next day, he set out with work to inspire the world. He would write scripts, compile some of his best quotes, and make videos with them. He opened his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram handles and started posting and uploading his videos. The audience he got wasn't so good at the initial, but as time went on., His visibility increased. He started having over 100k plus views on YouTube, he had so many followers on Facebook and Instagram because his videos had blessed their lives in so many ways. He kept improving his editing skills. He decided to go bigger in this newfound career which gave him happiness. He would sit down and construct a script that would pass a very Good positive message. He would go out and get connected with people that would help act his script., While the whole thing is filmed up. Then he kept uploading. It took time, yes!

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But he never relented. There were articles and videos of him that never yielded so much visibility at all. Some didn't yield at all and it hurt him definitely. But each time he was faced with these, he won't fail to look at the bright side of it. He would be grateful for the little progress he was making, he would be grateful for the lives he had been able to impact Somehow, and that kept him going. Each time he felt like giving up, that was the time he would push more and keep pressing on. He never relented for one day. And soon his persistence paid off.

He stated being famous as time went on, his books, began to be in high demand. He soon started to be invited to speak at large conferences, programs and was also getting proposals from so many media houses who wanted him to work with them, because of the professionalism in his skill of acting, filming, and scriptwriting.

He never worked in any media house to be professional, his professionalism, was a result of the work he did personally, as regards his growth and development. His persistence and efforts he put in showed up for him greatly as time went on.

Years later, that same media house owner that told him "go get a paying job, you would never amount to anything, chasing those fruitless dreams of yours".. called him and begged him for forgiveness. He confessed he was wrong saying all that to him. And now he understands that anyone can be successful anywhere and in any field. Anyone can cause their big dreams and still achieve them in time, so long as they have the zeal, passion, and persistence power. Jay had already been forgiven a long time ago. And so, this same man had asked for his autograph, and an opportunity to let his media house interview him. That way, it meant more fame for the media house, since Jay was so famous now.

Today, jay Shetty is still blessing lives from his videos and books internationally. All from the courage, he took in chasing his dreams of impacting lives.

See., "There is nothing you can't achieve at all". These have been my biggest words. If you can dream it, you can achieve it too. Just have the zeal, be hardworking, and maximize your persistence power.

SUCCESS doesn't happen in a day. It takes years and how long it takes, is determined by your percentage of Hard work, coupled with your maximum persistency.

How about "Big boy". The owner of one of the renowned radio stations in the world, that interviews celebrities on a daily basis. It is rated no1 celebrity station today. But if you were told what Big boy passed through in the process of fulfilling this dream of his, you would be taken aback. Let me quickly narrate it in a nutshell for you amazing readers.

Years back, big boy as he was fondly called, due to his big body size as a young guy, was always mocked by peers at school and at home. This was because, due to his size, he found sporting activities and other lucrative activities others found was and interesting., difficult. Each basketball team he entered, always failed because of that. People would laugh and mock him, telling him to reduce in weight and be more reasonable. He was a victim of body shaming on a regular basis. Things got worse, as everyone began shutting him out of their lives, except his best friend.

In reality, big boy, was from poor family background, with no siblings. Just him and mom. His dad was late already. And his mom was striving and trying everything in her power to train him up to university if possible while managing to feed them both. His best friend saw all of this and was sorry for him. He always encouraged him when need is, and sometimes gave him food and other stuff just to assist. Big boy's best friend's cousin, was never happy for him at all. He was the major person that gave him the most discouraging words. When his best friend, invited him to his house for dinner with his parents, his parents had asked the big boy about his dreams and career. And he told them that he wanted to own one of the biggest radio stations in the world. Both parents were so happy and encouraged him to keep pushing to achieve his dreams. Just then, Greg, big boy's best friends cousin has came in, laughing really hard when his uncle and wife has told him about big boy's dream of owning a radio station one day., And how they so much loved the idea.

Greg had told the big boy to his face that he would never amount to anything.

"Kill those dreams and face reality bro, stop wasting time and find a way to make money and rent a house for your poor mom, who lives on the streets"

" Greg!!"

" That was too harsh, his uncle and wife had said. big boy was so angry at this. His best friend tried to speak up against his older cousin's brother, but he was shunned. Big boy stood up and told him to his face "no matter how tough things get, I would still cause my dreams and make it to the top., Successful!"

He said and left, while Greg kept laughing.

That day, he was sad .and when his mom asked him, he told her how pained he was getting to see how poor they were. Still living on the streets, with no hope for better survival.

His mom encouraged him and told him to cheer up and not stop working on his dreams. That one-day, he would tell his success


"I wanted to keep this till your birthday that is coming up, but seeing how discouraged you are, I think it's time you have this."

She said and handed him a mini radio recorder.

He was so happy. It has been one of his dreams to have this one day, and his mom made it a lot easier for him.

Behind it, was a paper. And on it was boldly written..

"Whatever you believe, you can achieve. It's your dream, go get it. "

When he read it, he smiled. Hugged her and said...

"I won't fail you mom, and when I'm successful I would change your life and get you a big house. You won't have to live on the streets again".

Big boy would practice for hours with his radio. As years went by, he went to apply to work in a radio station, and he got the job. When his colleagues were on break discussing, he would be practicing and learning how to address and speak on air. He was MOCKED countless times, that he was never good and no one would love to hear him on air. This broke him.

He left angrily and encountered someone that changed his life forever.

He saw Greg, and Greg asked him what the problem was. After he explained Greg laughed hard as before and reminded him of something. "I told you that you won't make it in this field. Go and find something doing with your life man! You are aging quickly"

He said and left.

Big boy was pained. He immediately began doubting himself again.

"Maybe I'm good for nothing, maybe I won't amount to anything, maybe I'm wasting my time on something that would never yield".

Just then, his bag fell down, and his mini radio fell out to the ground. When he picked it up, he saw the words written boldly at the back.

He was encouraged again, he went back into the station and kept practicing. Years past and he was known. He opened his own station and today he is interviewing top celebrities. He fulfilled his promise to his mom and bought her a mansion as soon as he was stable in his Career.

There's something we should know., "Doubt does alot of harm, more than failure would ever do".

Stop doubting and trust the process. And you will win in the long run.

Looking at the lives of so many successful people, you will get to find out something striking. All of them had classes where they were looked down upon and written off., Countless times.

But in all, their persistence paid off.

Hello readers, I hope you are inspired by this write-up.

I wish you success to all you desire..

Love and light! 🖤 Thanks for reading

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Written by   102
7 months ago
Topics: Motivation
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A very inspiring story indeed... We should always focus in the journey rather than our destination. If we do things well on the way, we would be able to arrive at our goals faster than we had thought.

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7 months ago

If you do hard work, things you worked for will fall into right places. Patience and dedication are the keys.

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7 months ago

Thank you for up voting my work :) interesting read this was

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7 months ago

you are welcome

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7 months ago

I can't be more motivated. When someone's life experience is used as an example, one tend to connect quickly. This is awesome 😍

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7 months ago

thanks ma'am

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7 months ago

Every tasks has it's time to finish it, don't rush things, it will be done in the right time.

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7 months ago

thanks for reading

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7 months ago