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Prove Everyone Wrong - the best motivational article

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5 months ago

Hi, friends, how are you doing? I hope you all well

Okey, let's start today motivational article.

My whole life people have been telling me to be realistic in that a real job are you being realistic, realists don't start computer companies, realists don't fight for equal rights in a time when discrimination is the norm, realists don't get cut from their high school varsity team and go on to become the best basketball player in the world ever realists don't do.

That crazy stupid and you got to be a little crazy if you want to be successful so don't ever tell me to be realistic, I refuse to accept the reality I was given I'd much rather create my own.

Do you want to make your dream come true? You got to stay focused some people rather get even than get ahead stay focused on where you want to go I just kept on doing what I was supposed to do, you've got to be willing to stay focused to be creative to be relentless because things are going to happen to you when you're working on your dream.

Success is not a straight line it's crooked it's down in the valley it's back up over a mountain failure is not the end-all, people keep getting buried undefeated I don't let the failures define me, you've got to be willing to go with that bend because that bend in the road is the only way.

I'm not smarter than anybody else, but I can outwork you and make sure you're the first one in there every day and the last one to leave you keep working you never know when that opportunity is going to come along.

If you think they're not going to close the door on you and say no, a million times, don't get started but every time they close the door I just get excited.

Why? Because I am not a 'no' I'm one 'yes' away you can't keep telling me 'no' forever you can't keep denying me forever this type of energy, this type of passion you can't stop it.

People who win work the hardest because they love what they do they put in the hours, and the hours for days and days, weeks and weeks, months and months because they love it because it does not work for them.

The only way you're going to be willing to put in the work that is necessary to win to be the best in your industry the only way you're going to put in that amount of work is because you love what you're doing and if you don't, you're going to lose because there's going to be somebody who will love it.

Who loves it more than you and will crush you stop being driven by reward, stop being driven by the outcome, stop being driven by 'if I get this, I'm going to do this.'

Just work and if you don't get what you thought, you were going to get, show up and still go to work because along the process what's more important than what you acquire or who you become a lot of people think, what they acquire is the thing that makes them who they are no, it's who you become in the process of chasing what you want to acquire.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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after read this nobody can hold me tight to be motivated.

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4 months ago