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Failure Is Part Of The Success Equation

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5 months ago

I don't want to hear about your situation or your excuses look, everybody has their own, nobody has a clear-cut winning path that is free of resistance and failure to the top of the mountain.

Every single big name that we could have experienced massive failure to some extent Thomas Edison, a man he tried ten thousand times before he got his light bulb to light up the first time and that invention changed the course of the world.

Henry Ford, another guy who had multiple failed automotive businesses before finding success, JK Rowling started on Harry Potter as unemployed recently divorced single mother none of these stories experienced success.

The minute they decided to try to do something but instead of what most people do and quit they kept at it, assuming you're going to go out there and kill it on your first try, guys, is an arrogant thought it's extremely naive you have to look at failures as unavoidable they're part of the process.

That's just the way it is they're going to happen, and they're going to happen to you, they're going to happen to your loved ones they're going to happen to your kids, and they're going to happen a lot all you have to do is figure out why it happened and avoid that pothole the next time you walk by it.

Failure is not an option it's not a button, it's not a label it does not exist look, if you've been doing 10 things and ain't working do 11. What's going to happen if you quit? Like, you're not 100% sure what will happen if you keep going like, you're not 100% sure if you give it one more crack at it.

If you give it one more chance like, you're not a 100% sure what's going to happen it's like a 50/50 chance it could be 70/ 25, 90 /10 I'm not sure, but I know a 100% of the time when you quit, when you fail, when you give up I know what that looks like so whatever you do man don't give up what you can do is bounce back what you can do is being resilient.

What you can do is turn that whole thing around become great each time you start something new you have to understand that you are going to fail not just once not just twice but logically dozens of times throughout your life and the difference between people who make it and people who don't is how much of the things they're willing to put up with once you come to terms with that.

You'll be able to start to recognize where you are in the cycle and begin to start moving forward from there you've got to view failure as part of the equation it is part of the success equation trying to create success without failure is the same thing as trying to make a cake without sugar or butter

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Written by   20
5 months ago
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I agree about failure is part of success equation, yet at this point of my life word failure are still the one in equation. Not yet the success soon in God's Will I will reach it.

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5 months ago