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1 year ago

Hello and long time no see.

So, what have I been doing when I was away? Simple question, simple answer; when i wasn't online to write something i was trying to work instead. But unfortunately, i don't know why they suddenly decided to stop the contract so now I am currently unemployed. I have been unemployed for quite sometime now, more than a month. But what have I done all this time? I have been in the capital city of Greenland looking for a company that can accept me as an intern so I can finish my study but so far I haven't been lucky so instead i have applied to go back to school so I can continue about reaching my goal. So far, i still haven't heard anything.

Whilst I am waiting one of my very few friends sent me something and that is called 'stormgain'. For those who don't know that, it is a mining app that not only mining but can deposit as well. If you don't want to make a deposit, you can just mine untill 10 dollars because that is a minimum to withdraw. What you will do with the money, it is entirely up to you. Once you have created an account, press 'more' in the bottom right, there you will find 'crytominer' then press it and just activate a free miner. Reminder, activate every 4 hours.

I have a link in case you want to check, enjoy.

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