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She's Trusted

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1 year ago

The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.

(Proverbs 31:11)

In the verse above, you can see the relationship between trust and money quite clearly. The husband's heart, where all his emotions of worries, concern, fear, and doubts come from, safely trusts her with money; as if to say he's not worried about her ability to use their family's income. She's responsible, she's mature.

Trust is about maturity and responsibility.

You can't trust someone who's not mature because you know that person won't make sound decisions. An immature woman often doesn't know how to handle responsibilities and spends her money based on her feelings rather than on sind principles.

It's unbelievable how many young women don't want to grow up and become mature. In fact, sometimes it feels as though they work hard to NOT mature. They want to speak and behave the same way, as if that could stop time and cause them to remain teenagers forever.

Obviously whoever thinks that way can never be the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31— it's about a virtuous woman, not a virtuous girl. The bible often speaks of women of God, never girls of God, you grow up. You never stay the same, you see things differently, you become a whole new you.

Maturity makes you think of the consequences of your actions. You no longer act or speak by impulse or by the emotions you feel at the moment. Instead, you think of what those actions could lead you to. Imagine if every young woman thought about the consequences of her choices? One thing is for sure: that would put an end to the problem of teenage pregnancy!

When you don't think of yourself, someone else does it for you— and that's how you're enslaved. You're enslaved in a life with all the wrong kinds of relationships and an aimless future you'll most certainly regret.

If people are going to trust you, they need to see that you think for yourself. You wouldn't trust anyone who is gullible and easily influenced by others, would you?

Common belief holds that. You need people to start trusting you so you could build up trust. But the truth is that it all starts with you. If you want to be trusted, do what it takes. Be responsible. Be mature. Think. The valuable woman's husband trusts her because he knows he can. A trustworthy woman does not need to convince anyone that they can trust her; her daily behavior says it all. You can tell when someone is mature just by the way they speak. They're confident enough to look in your eyes when speaking to you. They may be shy but they do what they have to; they're responsible with their obligations.

That's why the valuable woman lacks nothing nor does she let her family lack. She thinks of herself and her family as one. If her family is struggling financially, she doesn't just hope for the best—she provides them with hope.

It's never about her own plans, her own desires, and her own life. And for this, her husband trusts her. He feels secure that they're both in the same boat and he's not the only one rowing. His wife doesn't only prioritize their family's needs but also saves— something out of this world for many women.

Perhaps the media is to blame, as they make us always feel inadequate about what we wear and how we look. Most commercials are targeted at us because they know we're easily influenced by them. Let's be honest; with a few exceptions, women like to spend!

Few people save money these days. We're becoming and more of a shopaholic society. The more gadgets they sell, the more junk we fill out homes with— even in a recession! That's amazing.

Fashion is another major reason for this. It brainwashes us through the media to the point of making us look at our full closet and think, " I have nothing to wear today."

The valuable woman saves money. She has a savings account and, though she spends some on herself, there's always some left to earn interest. It's not always because she wants to buy something later, many times it's just to save fora rainy day. If there's an emergency, her family won't go without. Again, only people who think ahead do this— maturity is a need, not a commodity.

Now here's a statement you may hate me for, but pleas bear with me and you will understand why: A mature woman enjoys growing old.

She understands that, in order to become better, she needs time. You can't really mature in mere days. So why is growing old so underrated? When you grow old, you live life to the full. How could that be a problem?

Again, our society is too focused on the physical, on how we look, when in fact, there's nothing we can do about that except to accept our aging. It's just part of life. No mother- to- be complains about childbirth, exactly because she knows that it's just part of what she has to go through in order to have a baby.

Maturity can be achieved by growing old. Life experience opens our eyes and makes us more mature, more adult, and even more feminine.

There's nothing better for our own inner- self than growing older. We learn, we change, and we become better women in so many ways. But that is not the only way to achieve maturity.

Another way is how you handle your responsibilities. Everybody has them, no matter how old they are. Even a four-yeat- old does— for example, when asked to draw something in class on the first day at school.

You may be given a responsibility, but that doesn't men you're responsible. And that's the big difference. When you're not responsible, you show you're not mature enough and, consequently, you're not trusted with much.

Responsibility means you were found worthy of taking care of something, and not just anything, but something that means a lot, something that not everyone has the privilege of doing or caring for. Whenever you're given a responsibility, your immediate feeling is always positive. It becomes a "Yes, they believe in me!" moment.

In school, when you were told to help someone else; at home, when you were asked to cook a certain night of the week; at work, when you were trusted with something new; in Church, when someone confided in you with their problems— these were all tests in how you handled responsibility.

And through each test, some are given more and others lose the little they have. It's not a game, it's life. Once you show yourself to be responsible, it's like you've glued a sign onto your forehead announcing "untrustworthy".

As important as it is to be found responsible, it's also important how you handled losing a responsibility. Yes, it's another kind of test. If you're just "okay" with it, it says a whole lot about you:" I didn't care about it anyway. Thanks for taking the burden off my shoulders. I don't want many more responsibilities, thanks."

It's quite common to see few people trusted with much and most people trusted with little. The small group of people that take their responsibilities seriously are usually given more, to the point that are not trusted with much hardly have anything to do. These are often the ones who get involved in gossip, because they just have too much time on their hands. Immature people like to gossip, they don't like to work with deadlines, and they love their spare time.

Your maturity goes hand in hand with your responsibilities. The more responsibilities you have, the more mature you are, and the more trusted you will be. Now read that again, this time in the negative: The fewer responsibilities you have, the less mature you are, and the less trusted you will be.

Few women come to their senses regarding this. Most of the rest keep on blaming others because they feel shut out: " So and so doesn't like me, that's why I'm never chosen" or " So and so thinks I'm not good enough".

If you're not responsible, of course you're not good enough.

I think we can easily compare the sense of trust to when you lend something you really like to someone. In the back of your mind, you're afraid you'll never see it again, and even though you don't need it urgently, you wish the person would return it to you promptly. But there are those people who don't, who often forget to return things lent to them. Just the fact that you have to remind them is already a reason you have to never ever lend them anything from then on. But when the person quickly returns it to you, you feel as though you can trust her with more, that she has proven herself responsible enough to be " lend-worthy."

I think that being responsible begins with the very basic responsibilities we all have, which can be very obvious to ourselves. These are the things in life that only you can do. You can't wait in others, you can't depend on others, you just have to go and do them. For instance, here's a list of a few of them:

  • Take care of your health— eat right, exercise, and take good care of yourself; after all, if you're sick, how will you ever do anything else?

  • Take care of your spiritual life— pray, read the Bible, keep your heart clean, and attend church. People lack faith in God because they simply ignore these basic spiritual needs. Without your faith, you can't go very far, and the place you end up in won't the place you want to be.

  • Give of yourself— nobody can do it for you. If you keep on waiting to receive before you give to others, you might as well just lie down and wait for the nails in your coffin.

  • Be yourself— only you can do that! So why keep on trying to be someone else? It's like having a rip-off copy of the real thing. How cheap!

  • Be aware of other's expectations of you— whatever post you've been given in life, do it well. If you're a mother, daughter, employee, wife, homemaker, or student, know this: only you can be what you're called to be. The positions are yours—don't neglect them. Fulfill then well.

Many times, the missing piece in a young woman's life is maturity. She dresses, speaks, and lives like older women, but she's not responsible with the little she has. Her mind is too absorbed with everything and God. Disappointment and hardship are always at her doorstep.

The older we get, the wiser we become, the fewer mistakes we make, and the more we're trusted.

Hello guys, thanks for reading! God bless as all 😍

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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I started attending university right after I graduated from high school. My first semester I was very immature. Hung out with my friends, stayed up late, skipped a lot of classes, etc. But when I saw my grades and understood that money was being spent for me to get an education, I decided to act like an adult. I guess that's when I matured as a woman. From that point forward, I realized that I could not live life as a selfish spoiled kid. I was going to have to learn to take care of myself and if I got married I would have to be mature enough to make selfless sacrifices for the sake of the family. It was that proverb you quoted which I used as guidance to help me walk on the right path.

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1 year ago

Well that's great. We must practice ourselves to be mature for our future family.thanks for reading

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1 year ago