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Mobil3 L3g3nd Layla R3vamped 2021(Layla Best Build 2021)

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W3lcom3 to Gaming Fr3ak Hero Guid3 Tutorial 2021. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Us3 Mobil3 L3g3nds Revamp3d Layla in the gam3.

In this Guide we will cover below topics about Layla Passive & Skills, How to Gank? You will know Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Build 2021 & Emblems, ML Layla Best Spell

MLBB Layla Laning & Rotation and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Layla 2021 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Revamped “Layla”?

First, let’s talk about what’s new with this revamped version. What’s New With Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Skills:

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla 1st Skill- Malefic Bomb

Now when she hits an enemy whether a minion, jungle creep or hero her Basic Attack Range will be increased for 3 seconds along with a bonus 60% increase in Movement Speed.

Mobil3 L3g3nd R3vamped Layla Skill 2

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Ultimate- Destruction Rush

Leveling this skill up will increase the range of her 2nd skill/Void projectile and Basic Attack, back then it was just her basic attack’s range that was enhanced.

How to Use Layla Skills?

Malefic Gun: Layla’s Basic Attack damage will increase depending on how far she is to her target, the farther the target the more the damage she’ll deal, damage will scale from 100% to 140%.

Tips: Keeping your distance to the enemies will not only keep you safe from sudden gank from the enemy’s roamer and jungler but will also increase your damage because of Layla’s passive.

Mobil3 L3g3nd R3vamp3d Layla Skill 1

Malefic Bomb: This skill is burst type skill, Layla fires a skill shot forward that deals physical damage to enemies hit.

If Layla hits an enemy hero, creep or minion she will gain an additional Movement Speed of 60% that decays fast, along with that she also gains a bigger range for her basic attack.

Mobil3 L3g3nd R3vamp3d Layla Skill 2

Void Projectile: This skill is an Area of Effect skill, Layla fires an energy sphere that deals physical damage to targets hit, additionally the energy sphere will leave Magic Marks to enemies hit.

If Layla hits an enemy with Magic Mark they will be slowed by 30%  and will receive more damage

Tips: It’s best to hit the enemies with this skill first before barraging them with basic attack since they will receive more damage because of the Magic Mark.

Mobil3 L3g3nds R3vamped Layla Skill 3

Destruction Rush: This skill is also an Area of Effect skill, Layla fires an energy blast in a straight path in a blink of an eye. Leveling up this skill will also increase Layla’s basic attack range and 2nd Skill/Void Projectile.

Tips: This skill benefits from the newly added feature Camera Shift, activate it in the settings so you can see the end of this skill’s range to aim toward the targets that are far easily.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Best Builds 2021

You don’t meet the same kind of battles every match so it’s best to have multiple layla build for multiple situations.

Here are the recommended builds for ML’s Layla, but remember to have these core items ml layla best build.

  1. Swift Boots- 710

  2. Berserker’s Fury- 2350

  3. Scarlet Phantom- 2020

Use this Layla Normal Build only when the enemies don’t have that much Crowd Control on their side.This build deals decent attack speed and high critical rate that will melt enemies quickly in the middle quarter of the game best build layla.

B3st Build R3vamped for Layla 2021

Swift Boots- 710

Scarlet Phantom- 2020

Windtalker- 1870

Berserker’s Fury- 2350

Haas’s Claws- 1810

Blade of Despair- 3010

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