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Daily Thoughts Heating Up #3 - Theta

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11 months ago

In keeping with the 10 minutes of free-writing everyday, I keep finding myself focusing on Theta Network. It's becoming more than a daily thought and I have to say it's not a bad thing.

On the surface when I first came across Theta, I was not quite sure what to think. There was the SliverTV to ThetaTV discernment followed by just trying to make sense of the mission.

Once it was understand, let's just say it is understood. It's funny how when you understand something you find that it begins to show up everywhere.

Yup, that's when all of a sudden there was Theta and Samsung. Theta and Google, then Theta and a handful of other major partners.

At the time it just didn't make sense how that many partners was not equalling something out of this world. Like most things in life, you have to take a moment to breath, smell the flowers, get some earth under your feet or whatever it is that you do.

Then it happened. Over the last 6-12 months, it is almost as if there has been drizzle - sunshine - drizzle - sunshine. It's impressive to see what Theta has done.

Everything from upgrading the Edge node, promoting the Guardian nodes and then adding in the ability to stake the staking reward. Can we say compound interest?

So after mainnet 3.0 and addition of smart contracts and other features it seems we are off to the races but no where near the stratosphere yet. As many others before me have been prognosticating or nostradamus'ing... The moon is in sight.

We shall see, but I have no doubt that as the earnings begin to flow downhill from the BTC and ETH on high & the market capitalizations go to the three, four and five trillion and beyond levels, that's when the real fireworks will begin.

When ever in the history of finances has there been a time when the individual is entering an asset class before an institution. I would suspect that even in the most arcane of times this was true.

Even though the scale could have been much different, the individual rarely had opportunity before the tribe, clan or sect, except for small and unique opportunities.

But that is definitely not the case today. While there could be regulatory maximalism or other types of political tribalism that takes over, it's a safe bet to say that chance favors the bold in this scenario, especially with Theta.

Just think about it, every Samsung TV, phone and device will come with Theta pre-installed.

When it is there, it will be used...

There's no doubt that by virtue alone and having the platform available, it is like leaving the cookie jar open... Hands will enter.

So whether you are in it for the long haul, or just dabbling because things look interesting and on the rise, Theta Network is sure to appease the broadest of appetites.

10 minutes is up, be blessed...

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Written by   33
11 months ago
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I have also Theta Edge Node running in my laptop and I am to continuously earn TFuel from it. What is amazing is the Theta Wallet with built in faucet! The only downside with me viewing is that there are no other viewers from my country. I think I have to popularize this one haha.

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11 months ago