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Crypto Growth Mindset Over the Last 24 Hours

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1 year ago

Perspective is everything. If you're in it for the long term and have a bag of your favorite shill, then the last 24 hours have been like no other day. We go up, We go down. All there it's never been more important to have a Crypto Growth Mindset Over the Last 24 Hours.

The Other Group

Then there is the other group who are looking at the last 24 hours. In the trading group, we have seen comments like "blood bath", "here's the end", and even "we knew this was coming".

In addition to perspective it is important to note that scale is equally important. What we are talking about here is specifically is that in the last 24 hours the BTC USD pair has given back much of the gains from over the last several days.

At first glance you may say, yeah so what, but here's the lesson to share.

The First Example

Remembering that scale and perspective are everything, one of the comments in the group was "when we reach 48,200, I will be stopped out and lose $5,000".

On the surface it is gut wrenching to hear these types of examples. We don't want anyone to go through anything painful. The lessons in this are plentiful.

Along with feeling empathetic, my thoughts also went to, did you have a stop loss? What was your risk tolerance?

Personally, I stopped out around that time, but my exposure was only 5%, which by some standards is high. Let the 95% live to fight another day.

That's the nuts and bolts of the situation, but let's look a little deeper and see what the Crypto Growth Mindset provides you compared to living in scarcity.

Crypto Growth Mindset

One of the most valuable tool that everyone on this spinning rock has at their disposal is their own mind. That's not some cliche note, or ra-ra chant, but said with absolute sincerity.

The food you feed it, the liquids you hydrate it with and most important the thoughts you permeate the mind with have exponential impacts.

"When it hits 48,500... I lose $5,000" sounds like a definitive to me. How about you? Whether you are thinking it or not, everything that you are feeding your mind is actually being filtered through the senses to your subconscious.

I know this may be a reach but it's almost as if your senses are the spam and virus filters for the AI (subconscious) of your mind. Almost to the point of saying - Garbage in = amplified garbage out.

Let's Run With That Thinking

So if we believe that when we put in thoughts and other inputs to the mind negatively we receive amplified negative results.

What happens when we do the opposite and we actively focus on amplifying the inputs. Does that mean there is exponentially increase outputs. I believe so.

Let's go back to the "I Will Lose" example. If you are approaching any situation but especially when it comes to crypto trading or even some of the more lucrative crypto derivatives trading, it is paramount to have the Crypto Growth Mindset.

Yes, tactically operating with sound principles are critical to these endeavors and the first step in getting there is having the growth mindset.

If you're operating on sound tactics and unforeseen situations arise (which never happens right? cough... cough...) Then what happens to the decision making that is needed to zig and zag to get back to center? Crypto Growth Mindset is needed.

What is a Crypto Growth Mindset

Focusing on the activities or actions that will give you the biggest return is the key facet of the Crypto Growth Mindset.

Now remember, "return" is a multi-faceted word. We all want the financial returns, absolutely. The key here is seeing that to unlocking those financial returns, you will need the mindset to support your actions which reach your goal.

The big 5 are the building blocks of Crypto Growth Mindset

  • Any situation is happening for you - You will learn the lesson or intel from anything that has happened to you.

  • Decision making in a space of being positive is infinitely better.

  • Creating "muscle memory" with your thinking around creating a plan and executing it as opposed to "winging it".

  • Carefully curating the inputs (food, hydration, thoughts, media, music) to your mental space that amplifies your mindset.

  • Using the value of a routine to "power up" and get going which can include affirmations, mantras, music, exercise, movement, journaling, or even a set of actions in order.

Moving Forward

The power of Crypto Growth Mindset is that you will move further faster to achieve the results you seek.

It will take time, commitment and focus, but the results are in the realm of infinite possibilities. It has taken some time to truly understand what that can mean.

I hope it is quicker for you, be blessed.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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You really pay attention to every opportunity, I salute. oh yes, if we hold assets, of course we can consider the potential to take other newly launched assets to prepare a good price.

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1 year ago

It takes constant work on self to stay focused and try to add value or capture value with others. Totally agree about potential to look at other projects.

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1 year ago