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Big Picture Little Picture Crypto Vision

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1 year ago

The number of conversations over the last few days has really reinforced the point of needing to look at a situation from all sorts of different angles. Big Picture Little Picture Crypto Vision.

What You See

It is fascinating to see how different souls approach the up and down movement across the crypto sphere. Let's take for example the flip flopper.

That's not necessarily a bad term, more a statement of situation. And, be honest... We all have been there. You're in what you think is the perfect long only to have things reverse quickly and unexpectedly.

You change course a step behind and follow the price down only to watch the same reversal play out again.

It's ok, if you say you've never done that, then you lie about other stuff in your life too. You know this is meant in fun, so no hurt feelings alright.

The point is that we have all been there or are still in there at some point or another. Even some of the best traders will FOMO into a situation because conditions have changed in combination with the third eye vision to say "go".

In trying to address this topic and help others who are coming up in the space, it seems really appropriate to have a broader discussion around how you hone and refine your Crypto Vision.

Big Picture

How ever you go about your fundamental analysis, I am sure there is a component of technical analysis that goes with it. Some people are the artisans of the trading view charts, while others just look and absorb.

Personally, I used Market Cipher which was put together by a mega trader and his brother and covers nearly everything I could think of and makes it easy to use.

The point here is that whatever tools you are using, the first step is to see the big picture. I find that seeing the big picture allows you to put brackets around the current activity and work into smaller timeframes.

Starting out with the big picture will give an idea of overall macro trends as well as identifying potentially swings or shifts.

The Next Step (Little Picture)

Yup, you guessed it, once you have the big picture identified you can start looking at the lower time frames. This is where you start making your entry and exit strategies.

It is incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the fast movement of the smaller time frames. In fact if you're not careful, spending too much time looking at the smaller time frames can sway your thinking so much you lose sight of the big picture.

I know this happens with me when I use Market Cipher and start looking at the 30 & 15 second charts. Those should be used for your best entry and exit period as well as the potential scan for some whale activity.

The one other indicator that I have found really useful in the trading view menu of indicators is Wolfpack ID. Honestly, not sure that anyone really knows what is comprised in the WPID. But one thing is for sure, it doesn't matter what timeframe you're using, there is a helpful green means up and red means down in price.

Honing Your Crypto Vision

I have touched on this topic so many different times in many different articles, but the biggest and most important topic to hone your crypto vision in my opinion is your mindset.

Mindset will rule the day and fortunate for you, the keys to your mindset are with you all the time.

Just today I was following a dialogue about current price action and one of the recurring comments was:

I keep seeing bullish trends when they are not there.

That's not altogether surprising and as you would expect there are plenty of others who are saying they are seeing bearish trends where there are none.

This begs the question; how do you remain present, neutral, observant, singular, omniscient in these types of situations.

Here's my quick list of things that will help keep your vision tight and focused;

  • Stay hydrated - while a libation might be nice to smooth you out, long term staying uber hydrated will keep you sharp and focused.

  • Breathing practice - simple box breathing for whatever count you want works, for example

    • inhale 5 seconds

    • hold 5 seconds

    • exhale 5 seconds

    • hold 5 seconds.

There are plenty of other routines such as a solid cadence of 6 in 6 out. Whatever you use, you should see a calming effect which leads to better decision making and over all improved performance.

  • Energetics Support - Your personal energy field holds the keys to many of the areas you often are looking to improve. One of the ways to work through this is with a guide or someone who can clear your field, support your chakras or find ways to align your energetic circuitry.


The key to making this all work is continual process improvement or CPI. For whatever reason we are all programmed to define success as hitting a home run.

Take the queue from the movie money ball, you want to acquire as many "on base" as possible. The home-runs are "one offs" where as the "on base" will give exponential returns. Think compound interest.

The same holds true for you and your personal growth. If you can improve by 1% everyday, it is far better than increasing by 30% at the end of 30 days.

Now you have a few things to think about and continuing to hone your crypto vision.

Be blessed.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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