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For nearly three years, our best source of Crypto Income has been the PipeFlare Play-2-Earn Gaming Platform.

Of course having the Digital Currency Group as one of their primary partners would have been a huge help in achieving their goals. With the backing of DCG it has allowed PipeFlare to continually innovate and grow from strength to strength. 

For those who are new to the Cryptoverse, Barry Silbert and his DCG have history that goes back at least to 2012.

Not To Be Confused With Dilbert

The Journey 

Pipeflare started their journey as a clone of the Global Hive site (which itself was a clone of the HoriZEN site).

PipeFlare was the first of the 3 to introduce the 4 tier referral program, with Global Hive and HoriZEN quickly following suit.

My first PipeFlare post was after only using the site for 3 days, dated 5th August 2020.

Get Your Free Zcash (ZEC) From PipeFlare

This post shows that:

  • 2 faucets paying ZEC and PIVX 

  • claim crypto every 20 hours

  • no minimum withdrawal threshold or withdrawal fees, ZEC and PIVX was paid instantly to your wallet

  • 4 tier referral program initially paid 5% 3% 5% and 1% commission

  • after 1 day of promoting on Twatter, Publish0x and we had 31 tier one, 284 tier two and 14 tier 3 referrals. 

  • every two weeks on the 1st and 15th of the month the referral commission was paid out.

  • Zcash was $123.56 AUD at the time of posting

  • we found out about PipeFlare from @Trebol11 post, we used their referral link.

  • @PVM was one of our early referrals

Things started to get real interesting real quick. Nine days later

PipeFlare Announce Increasing Their Referral Payouts 10X - Get Your Free Zcash Now

  • 4 tier referral program was now paying 50% 30% 50% and 10% commission

  • after 12 days promoting on Twatter, Publish0x and we had 41 tier one, 442 tier two, 280 tier 3 and 154 tier 4 referrals

  • the daily Zcash payout was 0.00008982 to 0.00011702 ZEC ($0.011 to $0.0144 AUD per claim)

13th November 2020 saw another post providing an update

Another ZEC Cheque In The Mail From PipeFlare

  • PIVX has been replaced by DOGE

  • DASH was temporarily available

  • FLARE was now the native token, to be put on a blockchain in the future. A big ? mark at the time. 

  • earning 200-300 FLR per day 

  • Flare Hit, Blox Jump and Beatbox games were introduced and they become the PipeFlare Gaming and Faucet Hub

  • Monthly Referral Leaderboard with $650 up for grabs, a suggestion from our @PVM

  • $200 USD Community Member Monthly Giveaway

  • tier one 120, tier two 4427, tier 3 1980 and tier 4 955 referrals

More innovation from PipeFlare 8th April 2021

Earn And Staking The Flare (FLR) Tokens, NFT Marketplace And More

  • FLR staking enabled 

  • NFT marketplace

  • Airdrops

  • weekly Games Rewards Commissions from our referrals making the leaderboard

  • referral commission has been expanded to include game earnings, store purchases, membership purchases and the latest NFT purchases

And Here We Are?

  • FLARE is now on the Polygon blockchain and is 1FLR. Transferable and trade-able. (Still waiting for Pi Network to achieve the same, given both started life as a faucet)

  • MATIC has replaced the DOGE faucet and now receive bi-monthly MATIC airdrops

  • Subway Run, Punkz Hero, Space Shooter, Flare Roller, Stack Breaker, Ski Master, Dodge and Dash, The Counter Attack, All The Presents, Flare Runner, Flare Jump 2, join Beat Box and Flare Hit games

  • PipeFlare is now a play-to-earn crypto gaming platform powered by the 1FLR Token

  • tier 1 25%, tier 2 15%, tier 3 10% and tier 4 5% referral commissions (50% reduction from the glory days)

  • Zcash is now $66.52 AUD

  • tier one 246, tier two 23,366, tier three 11,417 and tier four 5,889 referrals

We still use the Global Hive faucet, as it adds a little Zcash to the Grandson's stack and is paid daily.

There has been only one major change to the site which was a recent refurbishment. Other than a colour change everything else remains unchanged. Except of course all our referrals were lost in the change over. Unlike PipeFlare there is no-one to contact to sort out any issues. Win some lose some.

The good news is Global Hive does pay about 3x the amount of ZEC than PipeFlare but their referral program is only 10%, 5%, 3% and 2%.

There has been a NFT marketplace, staking of GAMER token (Polygon) and airdrop functionality added but thats about it. Maybe they have big plans too.


Nothing to report other than they have an ad for the Punkz Hero game on PipeFlare. Turns out HoriZEN is also a primary partner of PipeFlare.

Still collecting our ZEN daily.

  • referral commission 20%, 10%, 5% and 3%

  • tier one 215, tier two 63, tier three 6 and tier four 0 referrals


Why do we have we promoted PipeFlare all this time. It is the money honey, plain and simple.

Only 3 days to go and there is about $50 AUD of crypto about to be sent to Atomic Wallet to join the $3.00 we have earned from Global Hive and PipeFlare faucets during February.

During the Glory Days of PipeFlare we were getting $150-$200 AUD each month. But alas the 50% commission reduction and a lower faucet payout has had an impact.

What are we going to buy with it this month? ATOM, XTZ, BAND, VET, THETA, MATIC or SOL? 

The END (For Now)

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