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My journey dream

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5 months ago

How I hold all my dreams here with me,

I sat watching TV program, on how to raise youths nowadays has become an dangerous.

To make them feel better comes to result into a difficult task.then I saw a number written with a black Bord ink,to be call who ever come to give the exact answer on the question given most be sponsored by the federal government.

I pick up my phone I copy the number press on dailer,but I felt so lazy to call,just imagining who most be that lucking one.I went off on to the bed like 5munites.a noise comes out of my mom kitchen so hard that makes me work up at once,I rush in but couldn't fine any one rather witness a misbalaceed plates hang out,I rearranged and quickly came out to finish watching the program.

I perceive two young men of my age ,participating in the program in order to claim the price. Them I jump in,trying to reached them over several munites before I gotten a chance,then they connect me the receiver say Hi, I responded in a calm manner,and onto answering all the questions perfectly.

I thought the price was just to attract to participate for nothing ,mean while for real.

Days gone by,when I had my phone massage turn,but thinking is just friend jest somewhat I never mind checking up till when I was call directly from the 'federal government sponsors for raise youths program'(FGSYP).

I was just connected and now studying fine to be what God program on to me.


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