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The Farm

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3 weeks ago

Opportunity. Fresh air. Incredible well-being.

As much as I love the convenience of living close to the heart of town, I still prefer sometimes to be living on the farm. Yesterday, well last Sunday, I had a short visit to my mom's. Our family house is situated in the middle of rice fields and it's about a 15-minute ride from our current place.

taken on my way to the farm

It has been a hectic and stressful week, so my daughter and I decided to make a short visit to the farm, visit our Aspin dog Sofia because she's staying at my mom's. We went there around 4 pm and we concluded likewise to have our supper there and planned to be back home around 8 pm.

my wonder aspin Sofia

Sofia adores the farmland. She sees a lot of different creatures she never saw when she was with us here in town. Presently, she's friends with chickens, goats, cows and carabaos, and different critters that are passing through mom's yard. She's glad. She's a very happy dog living on the farm. Look at those teeth! Woof woof!

In The Heart Of The Farmland

No alarms. No blast boxes. No scent of exhaust vapors. No traffic. No excessive number of lights in the evening. Dull is decent when it's really dim outside.

farmland sunset

Watching things develop can be flawless. Seeing the first blossoms in your yard is absolutely gorgeous. Harvesting your own fruits and vegetables is priceless.

bleeding hearts in bloom

Seeing fields shrink in a sweltering dry climate. Seeing bugs eating up the sweet corn are things we would truly prefer not to see, yet they are all nature at work. Seeing the less celebrated, less breathtaking is even acceptable. Watching the creatures evolve and the yields are planted, mature and gathered every year. It's all an extraordinary encounter.

papaya tree taken at mom's backyard

Anyone who hasn't encountered life on the farm should give it a shot in any little manner. There's an amazingly different number of ways for you to encounter farm life, regardless of whether yet a brief time frame retreat at an informal lodging or some sort of local area upheld horticulture of farmers market program that allows you to visit the homesteads.

mom's eggplant

No compelling reason to work under anybody. Love your farm and work in the field with mud in your grasp and develop plants and care for them. You get the chance to feel the breeze, feel the daylight, pay attention to the various hints of birds and creepy crawlies. Luxuriating in the delight of reaping and eating the food that is developed and harvested by you. You will have extraordinary rest in the wake of getting drained chipping away at the ranch. The best rest you can have.

morning dew

Indeed. My daughter and I lived it up on the farm and playing with our dog Sofia. We likewise harvested a few veggies and organic products that we brought back home. I also brought back home a few plants from mom's little garden. Sorry, I forgot to take more photographs of them. I cooked the veggies right away haha.


Living on a farm is incredible. There has consistently been something to do or assist with. I love the opportunity of wandering this delightful land. What's more, seeing every one of the creatures and nature. Experiencing childhood with a homestead has shown me numerous things, and I have become used to the net and filthy things.

Good evening, my friends. I hope you all survived your Mondays. So far, I did. It took me several cups of joe to realize it was a new week. Have a delightful day everyone.

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September 28, 2021

12:25 am


(All photos are my own and taken by me unless stated otherwise)

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Written by   493
3 weeks ago
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