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Please Listen And Read Carefully

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1 month ago

To all those people asking too many questions and wanting to know things - in short, you nosy individuals out there who need to know my business ohhh soooo awfully abhorrent, permit me give it to you straight with no chaser in regards to what has occurred with my life especially with my relationship.

Listen and read carefully.

Before you begin to make suspicions and stuff, yes you, Maritess and Mildred you guys listen.

Presently, you can get it directly from the source. It's been truly hard for the two of us. For quite a long time, I have asked and argued and 800% and put myself in making a big difference for it. It has truly negatively affected me.

Today I settled on a dependable choice and left the relationship.

To keep away from show and individuals getting things all turned, I'll simply give you reality with regards to what truly occurred. It's been some time since I've had a decent outlook on this relationship, and not 100% of my sentiments are my issue. I can just claim my own in this. It has been a stunning ride that I will not deny. I fell frantically, profoundly infatuated.

However, I came to acknowledge it was harmful, habit-forming, unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, unacceptable, unwanted, unwelcome, irrational, distasteful, annoying, repellent, outcast, bothersome, defective, disagreeable, distasteful, icky, inconvenient, inexpedient, insufferable and generally undesirable.

I can't reject that we will in any case see each other every now and then. And despite the fact that it breaks my heart real damn hard, we need to head out in a different direction.

So starting today, my relationship with chocolate covered with sweet vanilla frostings, chocolate cupcakes, strawberry ice cream, honey buns, molten lava cakes, cheesecakes, pizzas, tacos, nachos, donuts, sugar cookies, choco chip gelatos, candy bars, fries and burgers, sweet and iced cold sodas, potato chips, brownie bites and different groupings of cakes, treats, and desserts.

So, there's that. Now, tell me who would agree with me. Are you going to starve yourself too? I am now having second thoughts.

Kuleet lungs lol. Gutom is real, my gasss. Anong masasabi mo, mareng Maritess?

Sorry, as I am not just taking a break from doing laundry. After this would again be back to module tutoring. I also would like to apologize for the inactivity the past days and weeks. My schedule is way too tight and could not spread myself very freely. Please, forgive.

I hope everyone is having a manageable weekend as I am eating my doughnut from here. I mean as we enjoy our meals on our tables.

I love you all, wonderful friends in the' house.

One love,


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October 23, 2021

01:00 pm


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Written by   571
1 month ago
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