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One Mystical Morning And The Clouds Below Us

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1 month ago

One morning a couple of years prior when the sun was going to rise, I woke up with a supernatural view before me.

View from our balcony

My husband at that time was out on our apartment balcony and saw first the magnificent magical view. While sipping his first mug of espresso, he called my attention and requested to get my camera. Around then, we were living up in the mountains in the city of Baguio, province of Benguet here in the Philippines. Our little girl was as yet a baby at that time. Luckily, she was already upright on time so we took the chance to take photographs of the clouds, fog, mists, and haze moving before our eyes.

My husband and the clouds infront of our balcony

I was in wonderment seeing these brilliant fog and clouds. Despite the fact that we see mist regularly, this was exceptional. It resembles a vampire town while trusting that the sun will assume over around the position. The peaceful climate in the first part of the day adding the lovely view is simply amazing. While the clouds moves quicker and quicker, we took photographs as quickly as possible. I haven't brushed my hair at this point and what difference does it make? The view is there. Get it real fast.

My daughter and I

At the point when I was getting my cup of joe, the cloud started to shift to one side. Surprisingly fast, it vanished, reestablished the condition of the normal air, and reestablished the condition of the regular flat cloud. Very quickly, it becomes greater and moves quicker. However, for some time, it contrasts with all the other things, I saw it. I need to recall what it addresses.

As the cloud develops greater and thicker, the air gets cooler and colder and the view vanishes behind those pretty pine trees. Strolling in mists has some extremely bizarre things for my reasons as well as in light of the fact that my head is normally on them at any rate.

our neighbor below

I have consistently had a fondness for the fog. As secretive as that might sound, it isn't really that. Have you at any point watched the tall trees influence a horrid day? In the substantial layer of the dark, until it brightens, they delicately move to and from at their peak. It's a dance of time everlasting from multiple points of view.

There is something very soothing about the air of haze. The weight of the day lifts and everything becomes quiet. It resembles a getaway from this upside-down world and brings you into this state. In any case, it doesn't last, unfortunately.

I love foggy hazy days since it causes everything to feel mysterious. Like you're the hero of a dream novel. It makes everything melancholy and not quite the same as in case it was bright out.

Do you love foggy days too?

Our neighborhood

Good evening everyone and hello to them on the other side of the world. Just peeking in here and am about to go sleep soon too. Hope you all made it through your weekend unscathed and ready for a brand new week tomorrow. Let's own it and make it happen whether you're in a foggy place or the other way around. Xoxo.

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September 19, 2021

10:18 pm


(The photos are my own and taken by me)

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Written by   492
1 month ago
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