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Man On A Ledge

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3 weeks ago
Topics: Life, Death, Mental Health, Movie, Suicide, ...


If you don't want to hear nor read anything about suicide, please ignore this post. Thank you.

Suicide Jumper? Yikes, right?

I have never seen one in person, but as crazy or morbid as it sounds, I have watched footage of actual suicide jumps on YouTube, and it's not a pretty sight. I personally could not imagine seeing someone jump off of a building in person.

What made this come to my mind is that last night, I watched a movie called "Man On A Ledge", have you seen it? He was in New York city way up outside the penthouse suite of a fancy hotel and threatening to jump. I won't do any spoiler here, but, I will say this, in the movie it showed the crowd on the ground that would without question, gather in mass numbers in a big city like New York, and they were screaming and cheering him on to jump.

Is this just in the movies? I mean, who really wants someone to do this?

If you saw someone standing on a ledge about to, or seeming like they may jump, would you be part of the crowd watching to see how it plays out? I have to admit, I would without question. I would not ever in a million years cheer them on to jump though. Would you?

Also, just out of curiosity, have any of you witnessed someone threatening to throw themselves off a building in person?

That would be disturbing and shocking.

At the point when somebody ends their life and you were an observer, it tends to be truly extreme and disturbing. Regardless of whether you didn't have a clue about the person by any means. Those who have seen self-destruction in these are regularly called witness survivors.

Being a witness can be amazingly horrible and almost certain, what you are feeling is typical. You might have had a portion of the responses underneath. You may not, that is additionally totally ordinary since everybody responds in an unexpected way.

If you are a suicide witness, focus on yourself

  • Give yourself an opportunity to rest and recuperate.

  • Promise yourself that what happened is over and that you are protected.

  • Rest and eat, regardless of whether it is difficult to, practice and get outside in the natural air.

  • Talking truly makes a difference. It could be a family member, a relative, a friend, a co-worker, or someone you trust.

  • Always remember you are not alone.

Sorry if my post has something to do about self-destruction once again. I think this is my fourth or fifth article about suicide. It simply immensely affects me and I can truly relate to the subject. If you are not comfortable reading it, again, please ignore my post.

I am so very sorry to those who have had to go through this. I am even more sorry for those loved ones having to go through the horrible times they did. I am an empath as well as having to deal with depression myself. Every moment for these people is a struggle. Please be kind always.

It's past midnight, my dear friends, and kindly excuse me if I missed anyone of you. I'm attempting my absolute best to get up to speed. Today, I am extremely drained and just got back home from the farm a little while ago. I hope I can make it up tomorrow. Goodnight and thank you for all the affection. Have an incredible day all.

One love


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September 27, 2021

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Written by   492
3 weeks ago
Topics: Life, Death, Mental Health, Movie, Suicide, ...
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