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Insomia (Freestyle Poetry)

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1 month ago

My insomnia attacks. Staring at my screen for an hour now and can't get anything right to write about, so might as well just do some insomnia ramblings then I'll go straight to bed after that.

Here we go:

The temporary state that's really mental...

Above all others is tiredness...

Never forget the psychic...

and intellectual tiredness...

Irritability, however hard it tries...

Will always be sensed...

Never forget the centripetal...

and sensational irritability....

When I think of hypersomnia,

I see a chronic television...

"Mutter", said the hypersomnia,

And "mutter" then "mutter" again...

I saw the little symptom of my generation destroyed...

How I mourned the dizziness...

Are you upset by how microscopic it is?

Does it tear you apart to see the dizziness so weensy?

I cannot help but stop and look at existential nausea...

Are you upset by how empirical it is?

Does it tear you apart to see nausea so experiential?

The sleeplessness is not acute!

The sleeplessness is exceptionally progressive...

Now confirmed is just the thing,

To get me wondering if the sleeplessness is progressive.

I am not even so sure what was my brain rambling about. I just knew it's past my bedtime so, goodnight y'all beautiful people! For those who are just getting up, hello and have a wicked nice day ahead, dear friends. Have a day. No pressure. Make it good. Make it through.

All of us are waking up and sleeping in different circumstances for the day, but we all have a few things in common. Is the hope of making it through the weekend unharmed and accomplishing what we need to.

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September 26, 2021

01:30 am


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Written by   508
1 month ago
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