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Friends Who Don't Get Along

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2 months ago

I was watching a 2010 movie entitled "Life As We Know It" starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Have you seen it? It is a pretty good movie. Funny and cute. In the beginning, Katherine's best female friend is married to Josh's best male friend, and they set them up for a blind date. They never even make it out of the driveway and started arguing etc. etc. There could not be two people more opposite from each other.

Being best friends of the married couple though, they see each other all the time whenever there are get-togethers and birthdays for their friends' baby. They also happen to be the baby's godparents. They pick on each other, argue, talk crap. Well, the usual.

One day, they got a call that there was a terrible car accident. Their friends both die, leaving in their will the baby to them to take care of. In order for the child to make a good transition, they are required by social services to live together in their friends' home to care for the baby. Long story short, they just cannot stomach being around one another, and the same thing goes on and on, argue argue argue. I won't spoil the ending.

It made me think though, and wonder how common this might be. I do not recall ever having this issue before between any of my friends, but imagine it would be damn awkward.

I'm an introverted kind of a person and yet, have this little accommodating character. Subsequently, I discover that I can get along with different people. That doesn't mean I like them though. I have decided just to be a nice person, because why not? Nonetheless, that doesn't mean people I have become close with are just about as agreeable as I am.

For example, I'm a Catholic and I am a friend of a Pagan. I respect her and her beliefs. She does likewise for me. I also have a Wiccan (almost similar to Pagan) friend and I acknowledge her and her convictions as she does likewise for me.

I have ex-coworker friends, I have a blog and virtual friends, I have foodie friends, I have travel friends, etc. I find there is a very tiny bitty lil cross-over between my groups of friends.

The photo above is with my personal friends (clockwise or from left to right) my daughter, @JayTee and sons, me, @ARTicLEE, @crazybeautifulfurmom, and her husband.

We, as a whole, have various sorts of friends that we spend time with for various reasons: places, events, and situations. We collaborate with these people in an unexpected way, and our degree of closeness additionally varies from one circle to another. However, what happens when these circles run into each other? It's not difficult to mistake aloofness for aversion, and afterward, we figure we don't care for somebody when truly don't have any acquaintance with them.

Just me sneaking up one selfie while my friends are in the pool having fun

Have any of you ever had this kind of situation where you have friends who are close to you but cannot stand each other? lol.

As we go about our days, we need to be "a little" extra kind, patient, and understanding to everything and everyone. Life is a bit chaotic for many, and we know nothing about what their battles are. Many are overworked, trying their hardest best, and do not need to hear our life's dramas.

Kindness is amazing. Kindness is awesome. Kindness is wonderful. Not being a**holes is even awesomer and amazinger. Agree? I can't believe I just said that. Yeah, I know awesomer and amazinger are not even words. It's a Bloghoundism and therefore, it's wicked acceptable lol. Tell all your friends. Tell them they are awesome too.

Time for an afternoon snack. Good afternoon, my awesome friends. Stay kind and don't bite! You're not a dog.

My wonder aspin Sofia saying hello to you all

My wonder aspin (Philppine local dog) also says "Hi, hooman fuweeends!"

P.S. I get along with all my "friends".

One love


July 28, 2021

3:45 pm


(All photos are my own and taken by me - unless otherwise stated)

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Written by   436
2 months ago
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