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A Walk In The Wilderness To Remember

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1 month ago

I'm a stalwart nature sweetheart and in the event that we talk about nature, I'll bounce instantly.

It's been a long time since I last posted an article about my travels, so I guess it's time to make another one.

Bamboo forest in Baguio City

While we may naturally see the value in a stroll in the wild, the advantages might appear to be to some degree theoretical and unclear. I remember when I was little, I used to hang out with my cousins outside under the woodland overhang. The quietness of the still woods in our small town had a blissful impact, a trill from a close-by bird could bait us into calm interest, and the air rich with hearty scents soporifically affected our grumpiness.

Transcending trees encompass me as I stroll through the trail of the wilderness. I can smell the invigorating aroma of the outside. The aroma of the trees waving is noticeable all around. I can feel the delicate nip of the murmuring breeze upon my cheek. I can feel the daylight kiss my face as it leaks through the fingers of the branches above. As I advance out of the solace of nature, I would rather not abandon everything. I"m apprehensive the harmony and comfort might get away as I return to the real world.

Sometime in the distant past in December 2018 (a week before Christmas Day), one of my personal friends @ARTicLEE invited me and my daughter along with our other personal friend @crazybeautifulfurmom and her daughter for a morning meal in one of the hotels in Baguio City (My Post Link Here).

Saint Xavier Seminary

After our breakfast, we decided to go somewhere else. ARTicLEE invited us for a walk in the Bamboo Sanctuary somewhere in Pacdal, Baguio City and it is situated inside a seminary. Around then, it wasn't completely grown at this point, yet I am happy I had the option to visit it before the pandemic showed up.

My daughter at the entrance of the Bamboo Forest

I am sure a lot of you have seen the Bamboo Forest of Japan, or some have seen it on the internet of magazines. However, did you realize we have a nearby Bamboo Sanctuary or forest that appears to be identical just around Baguio City? St. Francis Xavier Bamboo Forest in Baguio will satisfy your list of must-dos dreams without getting on a plane voyaging overseas.

At the point when we got to the passage, there was just one gatekeeper and nobody was near. We inquired as to whether we could head inside and he said it's okay. We began strolling in the bamboo trees. We began taking photographs and I was truly in wonder seeing these excellent lines of bamboos. I have lived here in Baguio City for 10 years prior for 10 years and I haven't actually taken a stroll in the wild. This was an extraordinary encounter for me.

in the photo - crazybeautifulfurmom's daughter, my daughter, ARTicLEE
just me

This Bamboo Sanctuary is about a 15 to 20-minute drive from the famous Burnham Park. When we went there, it was still under the consideration of the Philippine Bamboo Foundation in organization with the Commission on Environment, Diocese of Baguio. They finally opened the park in late 2019 (just before the pandemic started). Guests can come everyday around from 8 in the morning if I am not mistaken, until 9 in the evening, no extra charge is required. Just make sure to keep the place clean as you go on your trail.

just us

So this park allows you to stroll on a restricted way flanked by tall bamboo trees. The reddish-orange painted wall resembles Kyoto's Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. It's not difficult to imagine like you're in another country too since you're lolling in the cool temperatures of Baguio. It was mid of December when we were there, s it was kind of chilly and we were wearing our coats, sweaters, scarves. You can pull off wearing your winter outfits for photographs.

Just us (photo credit: @ARTicLEE)

Beforehand, the nearby legislature of Baguio had moved toward a 1 Million-hectare bamboo manor project as a component of the country's obligation to the ASEAN to reforest 20 Million hectares by 2020. St. Francis Xavier Bamboo Forest is one of the ventures under the arrangement.

After a large portion of a year in lockdown, Baguio City has made its way for tourists. If you are planning to visit the Bamboo Sanctuary, you need to enlist online through VISITA.

In case you are additionally a nature lover like me, you can incorporate this is your list of must-dos when you intend to visit Baguio later on.

I have not visited here last night because of certain issues with, and I invested a great deal of energy, actually taking a look at my accounts and wallets. In any case, that is in support of today, my friends. I trust everybody is remaining normal right now. Stay cool and have an extraordinary end of the week to all of you.

Good afternoon.

One love,


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September 18, 2021

03:03 pm


(The photos are my own and taken by me / one photo credit to ARTicLEE)

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Written by   495
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