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Blockchain Poker 2020 Recap

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9 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)

2020 was an eventful year for all of us and Blockchain Poker was of course also heavily impacted by everything from the pandemic to the increased activity in the cryptocurrency space. We wanted to wrap up the year with a short status update as well as talk about what to expect for 2021.

2020 Milestones

In 2020, we experienced a more than 15x growth in player XP accumulated (effectively weighted activity). December is even on track to match or beat our previous best months for the year which were primarily due to the early global pandemic quarantine events. Bitcoin Cash currently makes up the majority of our hands played with 77% in cash games and 64% in tournaments.

XP Earned, by Month (Blockchain Poker)
Cash Game Hands Played, by Month (Blockchain Poker)
Tournament Hands Played, by Month (Blockchain Poker)

Major Feature Updates in 2020:

  • Added social media links to tournament dialog.

  • Added on-hover display of USD chip value.

  • Added notifications any time you receive chips from your sponsored tournament.

  • Added option to join a tournament when spectating.

  • Added option to view your hosted tournament history.

  • Updated actions to be taken on click instead of on mouse down.

  • Updated to help prevent unintended usage of hotkeys when typing.

  • Added support for basic site-wide promotions.

  • Improved currency comparison dialog.

  • Added 'tournament winnings' and 'tournament cashes' leaderboards.

  • Added option to cancel your upcoming tournaments.

  • Added 'coolers' leaderboard.

  • Added option to review hands from the 'Coolers' and 'Best Hands' leaderboards.

  • Added cash game table info dialog through clickable table name.

  • Added new 'Traditional' bet interface layout option.

  • Added option to create cash games with any currency from the creation dialog.

  • Added option to create cash games with fewer seats.

  • Added new 30s turn timer table option.

  • Added indicator for private tournaments that require passwords to register.

  • Added new turn time, seat count, and starting stack customization options for sponsored tournaments.

  • Improved action button responsiveness.

  • Added option to create custom Sit & Go tournaments.

  • Revised look and feel of players and cards.

  • Added 'share' button to hand replayer.

  • Updated Bitcoin addresses to use Bech32.

  • Reduced rake caps on high stakes Bitcoin (BTC) cash game tables.

  • Updated to allow creation of high stakes cash game tables regardless of account balance.

  • Restricted Bitcoin Cash withdrawals to require using CashAddr.

  • Misc minor UI improvements and fixes.

  • Added formatting to chip amounts.

  • Moved toast notifications to the top.

  • Reduced rake on higher stakes Bitcoin (BTC) cash game tables.

  • Updated to automatically cancel tournaments with fewer than 4 players registered at start time.

  • Updated share links to show as a button in the chat / table log.

  • Added option to create hourly tournaments.

  • Added option to set a custom tournament fee.

  • Updated tournament re-entries to not increase the number of payout positions.

  • Updated 'fold' button to 'check/fold' on the 'Traditional' bet control layout.

  • Implemented dead SB/dealer.

  • Updated to require players who miss the SB to post a BB.

  • Added new bet modifier sizing options.

  • Added option to customize tournament blind speed.

  • Added option to report other players directly.

  • Updated menu.

  • Added new starting stack options for tournaments.

  • Added basic 'Table Host' functionality with the ability to kick individual players.

  • Increased size of cards, chips, and other UI elements on larger screens.

  • Updated so players have a moment to top up after losing their stack in cash games.

  • Added currency dropdown to currency-specific dialogs.

  • Added option to have other tables appear using pop-out windows instead of browser tabs.

  • Added adjustable min/max buy ins on cash game tables.

  • Added adjustable time banks on cash game tables.

  • Added option to hide account balance.

  • Improved timings on each street.

  • Added option to disable hotkeys.

  • Added option to hide heads up cash game tables in the lobby.

  • Added option to change the backs of the cards.

  • Shortened affiliate links.

  • Added 'Glow' theme.

  • Added 'Snow' theme.

  • Added tournament host profit leaderboard.

  • Added personal 'Balance History' chart.

  • Added option to join previously created private cash game tables if bookmarked.

  • Added option to create a tournament based on an existing one.

  • Added option to create tournaments with larger starting stacks.

  • Restricted 1/2 tables to always have a minimum buy in of 50.

  • Added option to create pot limit tables and tournaments.

  • Added new 'Appearance' menu with preferred seating (table rotation).

  • Add visible spectator count at each table.

Looking Forward to 2021

In 2021, there are a few big things that we're hoping to be able to accomplish while continuing to work with the community to prioritize what's most important to everyone.

Major Features Planned for 2021:

  • Public read-only API, catering to tournament organizers who want to run and keep track of their own multi-tournament series.

  • Bad Beat Jackpot.

  • Account recovery / password reset options.

  • Antes.

  • Additional game variants (eg. PLO, short deck, etc).

  • Support for 2FA.

  • Daily/Weekly challenges

  • Achievements

In addition to the major features that we have planned, we'll be continuing to incorporate community feedback into our development process as we've done for the past several years.

Wrap Up

2020 was a year of milestones and growth for us and we're hopeful that we can continue to build on that momentum as we begin a new decade. As we do this, we'll also continue focusing on that original goal of ours to bring in as many new people as possible into Bitcoin by showing them the power of 21st century money.

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Written by   14
9 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
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