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An out of the world experience in Ukraine - SNOW

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1 year ago
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No matter how many times it snows, there is one thing you will notice - I love it.

It is technically a love-hate relationship. The soft, first snow that leaves a beautiful layer of soft snow. A fresh, cold sort of scent in the air, and the big fluffy snowflakes. They just make the experience out-worldly.

The earth is covered in white snow, the days look so bright and soft. The nights look calming and almost with a purplish hue. It is a magnificent experience that I believe everyone should have.

It becomes a challenge to walk, and it feels like a fairy with fairy dust spread on the body. Cars blanketed in snow, and trees with snow rather than leaves.
So magical.

It will be dishonest to say that I do not hate the aftermath. The slippery roads, the freezing temperatures and the dirty sludge that ensues.

In this vlog, I share a part of my life filled with smiles.

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