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The Social Network Era

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3 months ago

Hundreds of users are creating accounts to any social media or micro blogging platform every day.

On the other hand a lot of web and app developers are working on how to create new social media apps or upgrade existing platforms.

A decade ago most people engaged in the internet social media for fun and to connect with people around the world. As years went by they have utilized these platforms for their businesses. Some government and private firms also integrate their business to social media for ease of distributing information to the public.

Authorities have also engaged in social media to solve crimes while some News and TV programs used it as another way to deliver the news and even helped people to find long lost family members.

Social media becomes more trending until some developers have the idea of giving rewards to people for their participation. In short, get paid by sharing your ideas, be it photo, video or content writing.

Some social media apps are blockchain-based. Meaning you will be rewarded for your participation with a token, crypto currency token that can be converted in cash.

Surprisingly some social networks are integrating their platform with the blockchain. One of which is Twitter. Yes, users can now tip their favorite creators using bitcoin.

Anonymous Influencer

unsplash free images by Clint Patterson

While these social networks continue to exist, the number of users are fast increasing and these days people like to engage in a platform where they can earn money.

Influencers and content creators are being born every day and they can be as young as ten years old particularly with YouTube.

In the same manner there are content creators who remain anonymous but can provide good quality content. For example, on this platform, most users here are anonymous. Unless you have been invited by a friend or family member to join this community then anonymity is no longer applied.

Why do you follow an influencer? Or let us say, why do you subscribe to me? You don’t know me, I am anonymous. Perhaps you subscribe because you can see good quality content in my post or maybe because you can relate or learn from some of my posts.

Sometimes we follow people on social media because they are famous and we know their names and faces. On YouTube we subscribe to an influencer for the same reason. But sometimes these people are no longer creating good quality content. Some people follow/subscribe to other people by personality. I guess we should follow people who give valuable information even if he is not famous.

 Self-Made Millionaire

unsplash free images by Thought Catalog

There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire!

How can anyone anywhere have the guts to think that they have become a millionaire alone by himself?

Along with this social network and other platforms some become “self-made millionaires” as they claim it.

YouTube is one platform where you can be instantly famous and become a millionaire depending on your participation.

Most famous YouTubers became millionaires and some claimed that they are self-made millionaires. Firstly, I salute them because they have made it to the top with all their efforts and hard work. Of course they are proud of it.

To be successful financially, as for my own personal view, begins with other people who have helped you all throughout your success. It begins with your parents or someone who may have taken care of you as you grow up. These people are responsible for your lessons and experiences either good or bad and are also responsible for what you are right now.

Likewise you also have your teachers in school that provided you wisdom, then your friends for their encouragement and support. You also have your enemies and bashers who can’t do anything but to pull you down. The authors with books you read, business coaches, financial advisors and other people that helped you in molding in wherever you might be today.

In other words those people have contributed to your success in becoming a millionaire. So you did not do it alone!

I know there are a lot of successful bloggers here and don’t get me wrong with this. If one day in the future you became a millionaire, I congratulate you now. Of course you deserve extensive credit for all of that but still there is no such thing as a self made millionaire.

Thanks for reading. Ciao!

Lead image source credits to Rami Al-zayat



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Written by   199
3 months ago
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It's the reason that I only subscribe that having a valuable content sir Bjorn. Yes that's true sir that there are a lot of influencers creating a video and we can ask ourselves that the content is for what, it's really not helpful. I hate influencers that sometimes they say a foul words.

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3 months ago

i am totally pleased with that and i must thank you. 👍😊

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3 months ago

The fast emergence of social media aplications today is growing in rapid pace. You know, as a computer science student wenare required no, we're tasked to develop a new application. I think that helps to grow the application in small amount of participation.

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3 months ago

yes, i think so. looking forward to your choosen career. keep it up.

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3 months ago

I'm with you on that. Even on businesses, I've watch quite a lot of documentaries of how people became successful and millionaires tend to claim they were self-made just because they've been through a lot. They should be grounded enough to thank all the people who made them strong enough to reach the top.

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3 months ago

thanks for agreeing with me on this. i think that is the misconception some people need to change with thier perspective. the worts part is some people tend to forget about the people who helped them climd to the top.

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3 months ago