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My new adoption project for Bitcoin Cash in my city.

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1 month ago

The adoption of Bitcoin cash cannot be stopped, so I take a new step in my city.

After my Bitcoin cash search game, which was pleasantly received by the community and I thank you for it.

I have taken on the task of designing and planning this new project.

What will be the basis of this? It will consist of 6 banners, which will be of a considerable size and attractive to the public eye, these will be positioned in 6 important points of my city.

These banners will be divided into 4 dynamic and simple steps as you can see.These steps will motivate anyone who sees it to:

  1. Download their Bitcoin Cash Wallet.

  2. Know and learn more about Bitcoin cash.

  3. Be part of our core communities on Reddit.

  4. Know BCH sub-projects and invite more people to be part of this project.

The points where these banners will be positioned are places where hundreds of people are treated daily, so the expectation with this project is very great.

1.45 BCH are necessary to carry out this project, so once I manage to collect them, I will start this project.

As with my previous project, I will make a post showing the results.

I thank the community for their constant support, let's keep working for Bitcoin cash!

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$ 15.00 from @majamalu
$ 14.53 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 1.00 from @DrNums
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Written by   49
1 month ago
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Which city are u in ?

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1 month ago