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BTC is not Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash is the way.

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2 months ago

When I met the crypto world, the name Bitcoin was always present, the fame of this project has been increasing over the years, becoming today a knowledge of basic culture, being able to ask anyone if they know this crypto and most likely answer "Yes".

Unfortunately the vast majority of these people still associate the term and project "Bitcoin" with BTC, which is very far from reality, being BTC today further away than ever from what the Bitcoin project represents.

Where does the BTC breaking point begin? August 23, 2017. Day when BTC forked with the implementation of segwit, causing it to lose the advantage in the scalability of the code, thus following a path that was increasingly moving further away from what Bitcoin has always represented.

For that reason, bitcoincash split the blockchain on 08/01/2017 to fend off the hostile takeover of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin cash has managed to maintain the advantage of cheap onchain transactions, and that is that when a new user arrives at BTC, the first thing he notices are the large commissions of the same, in turn the long waiting times between transactions, which demotivates these possible new users, which eliminates the concept of adoption, while Bitcoin Cash, being P2P cash, has achieved a giant adoption effect, allowing anyone wishing to join Bitcoin, to do so without any difficulty.

It is impossible for BTC to achieve Bitcoin's goal, when its adoption capacity is completely sectorized and unattainable for the majority of society.

How would you expect a low- or middle-income person to join this project? and if you join, when the time comes to want to use your money, will you lose much of it due to the high cost of the transaction? It is simply impossible, that is why BTC is no longer Bitcoin, its implementation is totally obsolete and increasingly distant from reality.

Bitcoin cash, has shown the opposite by making its way anywhere in the world, being implemented not only in large corporations but also in small businesses, achieving an amazing adoption, which we have managed to see not only here in, but in many other platforms such as reddit, and among many more which have given the world the opportunity to be part of the , regardless of their economic capacity, their country, their language, this is what really destroys the concepts that society has used since ancient times, making a difference without alienating us from people, a system of cash for all and for all

BTC is an inflationary crypto, looking only for high values, without thinking about its use or adoption, empty and without a future beyond it.

Bitcoin cash is the future, it is p2p money of the future, a project with a path and a goal set more than a decade ago and although we are now in a difficult moment, it will undoubtedly be possible with all the obstacles, because Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

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Written by   52
2 months ago
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