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Bitcoin Cash is a job generator.

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1 week ago

A question that can become very frequent in the community especially for those new users who arrive very expectant to the community for different problems and reasons.

Today in the world there is a gigantic percentage of unemployment which has motivated many people to look for different alternatives in order to not only get economic income for them, but in many cases to be able to support their family.

And this is where the famous question comes in: Can I turn a tool as powerful as Bitcoin cash into my work? The answer is "YES".


Well it really is not something that can be achieved very easily, so if you are one of those who think that they can live from it without putting a minimum of effort, it is totally wrong.

There are different ways in which you can monetize with Bitcoin cash, but without a doubt for me these are the 3 best ways, with which a lot of dedication you can see very good results.


Platform on which I find myself right now writing this article. Read cash is one of the best platforms in the world for creators of written content.

Through this wonderful project, you can write absolutely of anything (Always emphasizing that some topics are much more monetizable than others) but gives you the opportunity to show your talent writing to the world, providing a modern and efficient tipping system with which people who enjoy your content can thank you and motivate you to continue, through a tip which believe it or not have been incredibly high amounts.

Nowadays many people have shown that with a lot of dedication and commitment you can live from this platform.

The BOOM platform of Bitcoin cash, this crypto social network, created not long ago is the one that has had the most success in terms of number of users we refer, with an incredible amount of more than 300,000 users.

Its main attraction is its similarity to the Twitter platform. This is what people have liked the most, the fact of being able to monetize something that you usually do for free on other platforms.

And not simply because it is a cryptographic network you should only talk about this topic, in you have countless topics of discussion with which you can entertain and inspire yourself when creating your content.

This platform as well as has a tipping system and in turn bonus for interactions such as: Answers, likes, etc.


Last but not least, Reddit.

Platform in which I am just starting out and do not have much knowledge, Reddit gives you a door to what is the heart of Bitcoin cash. Being the main place where the vast majority of projects and discussions about Bitcoin Cash arise, our community in sub-reddits such as R / Btc or R / BitcoinCash have been characterized by their great support for all that content which allows the growth and adoption of BCH, thus achieving by different mechanisms such as Bots for tips created by incredible users of this same community, the exchange of tip and the bonus to those people who contribute to these aforementioned points.


In conclusion Bitcoin cash is a super powerful tool which can provide immense opportunities to all those people who want to be part of it, however this will must be accompanied by a lot of effort and dedication, otherwise you will get the opposite of what you are looking for and not being supported by the community.

Today I am here, a small and new fish in this great fish tank seeking to achieve this great goal of being able to achieve and pay for my studies through this wonderful project and bringing better and better content to this wonderful community.

A big hug and I say goodbye :)

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Written by   49
1 week ago
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Excellent, what are these big communities on Reddit? For post Read.Cash articles? Interesting this point

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