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Understanding the Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet

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What if you've come across a Bitcoin Cash paper wallet or a friend sent you one as a give or perhaps it was given to you at a meeting as an appreciation for attending the meeting? How do you sweep the funds on the wallet to your own wallet?. This article is written to show you different ways on create and sweep a bitcoin cash paper wallet using different wallets. Let's Go!!

What Is A Paper Wallet?

Paper wallets just as the name implies are wallets printed on papers containing public and private keys which aids to easy retrieval of funds. These wallets in medieval days of Crypto Currencies were believed to be the safest way of storing digital assets because they were printed out and had nothing to do with the internet.

A Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet stores bitcoin cash with a generated set of public and private keys in a printed and offline form. The public key in the paper wallet allows people including you transfer money into the wallet while the private key gives access to the fund spending.

Advantages of A Paper Wallet

Paper wallets were long considered as the safest way to store digital assets like Bitcoin Cash if properly set up and private keys kept private. That way it would be impossible for a Third-party to get access to your funds therefore keeping them safe from cyber-attacks, malware, etc.

Private Keys can be encrypted, this means that a third party might get an access to your private key but still needs to decrypt the keys with a password.

Disadvantages of A Paper Wallet

Since this wallets are being kept in paper forms, if not handled with proper care, you might end up loosing your private keys which will automatically lock you out of access to your funds. Major disadvantages of the paper wallets lies on user errors, for instance if printed with a substantial ink, the keys generated on them gets to fade away with time.

How To Create A Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet

There are several ways of creating your own paper wallet maybe for the purpose for self storing your Bitcoin Cash or for gifting purposes, in this article we will discuss two ways of creating a Bitcoin cash paper wallet.

How To Create Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet Using Bitcoin.Com

One of the most popular way of creating a Bitcoin Cash paper wallet in recent days is via makes it really easy for anyone, anywhere to create a Bitcoin Cash paper wallet within few minutes. The steps below will guide on on how to create a Bitcoin Cash paper wallet using

Step 1 : Using your browser, visit

Step 2 : Move your mouse in random directions until the measurement gets to 100%. It you are using a Mobile Phone or you don't have a mouse connected to your computer, locate the textbox and type in random characters until the measurement gets to 100%.

Step 3 : Choose a design from the options of design given by

Step 4 : Customize your Bitcoin Cash paper wallet, there you can choose a custom amount to be stored in the Wallet and the number of addresses you wish to generate on the paper.

Step 5 : Tap on Advanced settings to encrypt your Paper Wallet with a Passphrase, this Passphrase acts like a password to access funds on the wallet.

Step 6 : Print your Paper Wallet.

Note that it is adviseble to turn off your data connection when you are about to print. The reason is that some printers might save some data while printing and malwares can be sent to such printers by hackers to fetch your data.

How To Add Funds To Bitcoin CashPaper Wallet

After creating a paper wallet, at it's initial state, the wallet is empty and you will need to add money to your paper wallet.

To add money to your paper wallet, simply scan the public address on the paper wallet or send the funds to the address on that section of the paper.

How To Sweep Bitcoin Cash paper wallet

To Sweep your Bitcoin Cash paper wallet, you will need to follow the steps below;

  • Download and install wallet if you don't have one, if you do, open your wallet.

  • Click on the Settings button on the right lower corner of your wallet.

  • Tap on 'Sweep Paper Wallet' to sweep your funds into your mobile wallet address.

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