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How To Approach and Onboard A Merchant To Bitcoin Cash

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How To Approach and Onboard A Merchant To Bitcoin Cash

Are you wandering how possible it is to approach a merchant and processes it takes to onboard a merchant to Bitcoin Cash? It might not be an easy task as it seems to be especially when it has to do with convincing someone to adopt something he/has no or less idea about.

Let's be realistic, how easy is it for you to approach one you've never known before to discuss what he or she has never heard before?

Bitcoin Cash might be a very cool and nice Innovation to liberate the Universe from money limitations (especially in a centralized world) where money is governed by the financial institutions. But, can you boldly tell someone that Bitcoin is Cash and not a store of value as applied from the Satoshi's Whitepaper for Bitcoin without getting slammed or rejected by the audience?

There are lot of challenges you might face out there if you must approach and onboard a merchant to bitcoin Cash . You would get more of it, if you are Onboarding in countries where you have diverse local languages. For Instance, In Nigeria there are 3 major languages, Yoruba, Hausa and IGBO and one we call the Nigerian English, (Pigin) and you must be able to break this barriers

Onboarding is challenging so one must be ready for the task before embarking on the process. In the article, I'll be writing extensively on how to approach a Merchant and the onboarding processes you need to follow. Before I proceed, here are some things you need to know first.

What You Need To Know Before Embarking On The Onboarding Process

You need to be conversant in Explaining What Bitcoin Cash is.

Onboarding a Merchant to Bitcoin Cash means convincing a business to accept Bitcoin Cash as means of payment. So you need to know what Bitcoin Cash is and must be conversant in explaining it to others (Merchants).

You must be able to Guide one on how to download a Bitcoin Cash wallet and how to make use of it to send and receive payments

On your own, practice how to download and install a Wallet and the processes in making use of it. One of the important process you must know is how to backup a wallet.

You Need To Know the easiest way to access liquidation in the Region of Onboarding.

Merchants would always want to convert Bitcoin Cash to fiat in order to stock up their shops and also to pay their staffs. So, you need to be conversant with an available platform that offers liquidity within the region of the Merchant.

How To Approach A Merchant

Approaching a merchant may be easier depending on your manner of approach, time of approach and interaction skills. To get the best out of it, you need to put all of that to consideration.

Manner of Approach

Respect and Appearance are significant when talking about manner of Approach. You must learn to be respectful while approaching a merchant and also, learn to dress in a very moderate and responsible way.

Once you spot a Merchant you would love to Onboard, walk up to him/her and ensure you first greet and excuse some of his/her time in a polite manner. By so doing, you can earn the merchants attention for some while.

Time of Approach

Try to find out when a merchant usually attends to a lesser customer or have no customer at all, that's the best time to approach because you may likely get his/her full attention then.

Interaction Skills.

Once you Successfully gain the attention of a merchant, get straight to the point. First find out if he/she is the sole owner of the business, demand to meet the owner if he/she is not.

I want to let you know that Bitcoin Cash is seeking for Merchants like you who can trade in exchange for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is a digital form of money, decentralized, more secured and can be transacted faster than the usual physical cash with no or less charges.

All you need to do is Download a bitcoin Cash wallet ( wallet is most preferred).

Give an audience to the merchant because he/she might also want to air out some opinions or questions.

These are some possible questions you should be expecting;

  • How long as Bitcoin Cash been in existence and hope it's not a Scam?

  • How does it work?

  • If I begin accepting payments in Bitcoin Cash, how do I get it to physical cash?

If a merchant asks any of these questions, it is a sign that he/she is kind of interested and needs to be clearified in this questions.

Your ability to respond to this questions convincingly might earn you the Merchant.

If the Response gotten from this Merchant is, "No, I'm not interested." Simply opt out, appreciating for his/her time and head to the next Merchant.

If the Response gotten is Yes, then you can proceed to the onboarding processes.

Processes For Onboarding A Merchant To Bitcoin Cash

  • Download and Install a Bitcoin Wallet

You will not have to do this your self but guide the Merchant on how to do it so he/she can be able to that without you being present. For now the most recommended Bitcoin Cash wallet for Merchant Adoption is the wallet.

Direct the Merchant to Playstore for Android or Apple store for iOS, then search for wallet. Once downloaded and installed, ensure that you direct the merchant on how to backup the wallet immediately before you proceed to any other thing.

  • Show The Merchant How To Send And Recieve Payments on the Wallet

Merchants interact with different Customers every day, so he/she must be conversant in using the wallet to recieve and send money.

  • Show The Merchant How To Convert Earned Bitcoin Cash to Local Currency

Direct the Merchant to the best liquidity option available in your location, the most recommended liquidity option is you can use this article as a reference.

  • Additionally, Create A Sticker Including the Merchants QR Code displaying, "Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here".

Once all of this is done, you have Successfully onboarded the Merchant to Accepting Bitcoin Cash.


There's is need for you to create a community where you can have the merchants discuss their challenges and also to aid you give them guidance and more coaching.

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