Bitcoin Cash May 2021 Upgrade - What You Need to Know

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The Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a scheduled upgrade on May 15th 2021. Bitcoin Cash Node team members, John Nieri and Imaginary_Username, join Hayden Otto to discuss new features and changes to the upgrade process.

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0:00 Introduction
1:36 What’s different about this upgrade?
5:58 Removal of the Unconfirmed Chained Transaction Limit
12:58 Why we’re now upgrading every 12 months rather than every 6 months
16:47 Enabling multiple OP_RETURNs on the network
22:14 Double Spend Proofs
29:56 Filtering Out Useless Node Connections
31:45 Default Mining Soft Limit Increased
36:35 What’s going on with Hathor, a miner who is known to mine empty blocks 40:19 Preparing for the next protocol upgrade
43:05 Cash Improvement Proposals (CHIPS)
47:15 Who has the final say on what is included in node software upgrades
55:48 Closing comments


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Topics: Bitcoin Cash