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A cold weather.

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2 years ago
Topics: Weather

A very pleasant day to everyone here in this platform. It has been almost two weeks since I last posted or published an article here and because I've been busy over something else, I was not able to publish an article.

December 01, 2020.

It is now the first day of this month of December and since this morning, it has been very cold. This might be the sign already that Christmas is already coming and not because of any storm coming.

The weather here in our place was recorded by me, personally, and it was down to almost 30° Celsius and that means it is very cold.

Even if the weather was so cold, there were no rain that poured down yet and I hope there won't be any. It is cold enough already and if rain occurs it will be a lot colder like your ex. Just kidding 😂

I hope I can have a motivation to create or publish again an article as I want to be more active now.

That's all for today everyone. I hope you are all fine and doing great. Take care!

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