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Uncut diamond

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4 months ago
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Good day to all and good mood my dear readers

Today is my next article on a free theme.    This is a reflection on life, different situations and the like.

In comments to my articles you can ask questions, as well as give your opinion on the subject of this article.

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Since I get my hair cut once every 4 weeks, that is, I use the services of hairdressers on average 12-13 times a year, I can safely be called a regular at such establishments and a connoisseur of this industry.

In general, I have noticed that the shorter a person's hair, the more chances he has to become a connoisseur and a regular. The owners of thick and sparse braids are far from us, and for the hairdressers we, the clients with ultra-short haircuts, are inexhaustible minerals.

Unlike the ladies who are meticulous about their hair, I keep it simple.

I am lucky with my hair: it is malleable, it does not require blow-drying and styling. All care comes down to a daily wash and a quick combing. No additional manipulation is required.

None, except for the monthly haircut, which involves visits to hair salons.

Sometimes I am "attached" to some salon and visit it for a long time. The main criterion for choosing is the location close to home, and that everything looks decent, but without pretensions.

Occasionally inside the salon I "attach" myself to a certain master, first choosing him at random, and then signing up with him as a sign of appreciation.

When the epidemic situation was quite sad (although now it's back to worse than ever), and the city was sitting on lockdown, my husband and I switched to self-service, getting accustomed to cutting each other's hair.

By the way, my husband still prefers our home barber shop. He is convinced that it is not only fast, safe and without an appointment, but also comfortable. And I'm in no hurry to dissuade him, as I fear that when he shows up at the professional master, the professional will drop the scissors with the words "who did that to you?"

In short, so far regular visits to beauty salons resumed only me.

No matter where I come, when I sit in the chair, I immediately know whether I get a good or bad haircut. Every time I assume that the haircut will be successful, and every time my expectations are fully met.

Sometimes I go out and think, "It's a little short." But short doesn't mean bad!

Oddly enough, all hairdressers use different techniques.

Some begin by carefully cutting the area around the ears, and only then move on to the back of the head.

Someone, on the contrary, starts with the back of the head, then rises to the crown and ends the tour of the scalp at the temples.

Some masters divide the head into zones by horizontal partings, others by vertical and U-shaped partings. And the degree of pulling of the hair strands varies from barely perceptible to very expressive.

There are masters who constantly twist the client's head, then bending it to the side, then forward; and there are those who do not touch it at all.

There is also a great variety in the use of additional devices. I remember a couple of times they attached some big clips to my hair. This was unusual, as none of the hairdressers had done this before.

Some masters use only scissors, others use only a machine, while others combine both.

I never interfere with the process or tell the master how I was cut by his predecessor. I am quite sure (and my confidence is backed by experience) that whatever technology the hairdresser uses, and at what speed he would not move towards the goal, the result will be the same.

Even if they cut my hair for twenty minutes or an hour, the result is the same and I always like it.

However, wherever and however I cut my hair, always - strictly by appointment.

And then the other day I literally had to cut my hair. In the morning I did not think about it, and on the way home from work the desire to go to the barber and cut my hair suddenly seized my mind.

I didn't feel like calling my salon or going to it for good luck. And I didn't want to change my route at all, but, at the same time, I didn't want to postpone the realization of my wish.

And then I saw a hairdressing salon with such an out-of-the-way look, which does not promise a high level of service and does not guarantee a flawless result. The window, just below ground level, showed a female figure sitting in a chair, knitting.

I boldly entered and, walking down into the semi-basement room, generously decorated with artificial plants, I asked a simple question: "Can I get a haircut?

The answer was affirmative.

The woman put away her knitting, put on her mask, and invited me to her seat.

From there, everything was standard - new technology and the usual results. Along the way she asked me only two questions: whether to shorten my bangs and whether it was cold outside. I answered "yes" twice.

That was the whole dialogue. No intrusive questioning, no perfume, no music and no TV broadcasts (like, for example, in a semi-elite salon, which I went to at one time). Would you agree that this is perfect?

An inconspicuous facade with outdated signage, modest interiors, no customers - and a result that does not step up to the results of the masters with numerous certificates, designer interiors and pre-registration.

Yes, friends - just because something doesn't shine doesn't mean it can't be gold!!!!

Unprocessed diamonds are not only different places, but also people!

Uncut diamonds are stones, which do not attract attention to themselves, because their appearance does not differ from the one of ordinary stones, but it does not change the essence - it is still a precious stone😉

It is the same with people: there are beautiful people with outward appearance, but their gut is all "rotten". And there are people who are not attractive, but talented and skillful, who are worthy of respect, but they are modest and their true essence is very difficult to see, maybe such people do not have enough money, education, courage to express themselves (cutting).

Dear friends, readers of if you know and maybe there are such people in your environment "as an uncut diamond" then write me about it in the comments below.

Image sources: and edited by me and my foto

I thank God for his help in writing this article, and you, dear readers, praise him if your reading has been helpful to you.

I want to know your opinion.

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Written by   184
4 months ago
Topics: Time, Day, Blog,Life, Holiday, Happiness, ...
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Am their to cut my hair just do it and don't talk too much please, that's what I put In mind before entering a salon, so they won't be talking too much to me

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3 months ago

I'm glad you had good service from the new salon. I also don't like too much talking in the salon

$ 0.00
4 months ago

I must say that your free pick of topic is worthy too. Loved it.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Recently, I encountered an uncut diamond, when my daughter, Bam, needed to have a haircut we went to the hair salon. She was kind enough to offer us seats and she did the hair beautifully. She was patient with Bam.

$ 0.01
4 months ago

I love how you metaphorically connected both the topics.. absolutely blissful to read your posts dear. And am glad you found a new simple salon which I like too, The format of high music blasting and drinks, over the top looking stylists are not my thing too

$ 0.02
4 months ago

Dear Belozoriana, I experienced exactly what you said, and I totally agree. I dye my hair once a year, always going to a small barber shop in the parking of a house, which only has a small room. The hairdresser is a plump and very simple lady, and it doesn't occur to her to be a hairdresser at all, but she is quite professional in dyeing hair, her hairdresser is always busy, and everyone from all over the city comes to her for hair dye. The price is one third of the price of ordinary places and one fifth of the price of luxury places. Every time she dye my hair, everyone walks by me, asks where and by whom my hair is dyed so beautifully...

$ 0.02
4 months ago