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A great way to overpower the enemy and the enemy's enemies

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There is a good way to get revenge on your enemies. Strip them of their strength and energy, force them to use all their resources like a broken reaper or a broken Trojan horse. This is a very simple and effective method.

The healer suffers terribly for his own sake, it is scientifically proven. He uses all his energy, all his resources to outdo you and spoil you. It is truly an unenviable fate. If it is good for you, it is bad for him. As bad as you are, you are good. So the easiest way to deal with adversity is to simply live well. Account for all your efforts and keep improving your life.

Dress well. Watch your clothes, look at your clothes, your jewelry, your purses and wallets, and don't take your eyes off your pictures or yourself. His gaze will pierce you. So you need to dress well, even if it's not that important to you. But it's worth it in the end to update your wardrobe and buy yourself some nice new things. The best you can afford.

You need to rest and travel. This especially pisses off the nerd. First of all, when you go somewhere, you "disappear off the radar". The attacker gets lost in your thoughts, suffers because they are in thought with you, in sync. You are a very important object to him. And then the evil ship is out of sight. Where is it? Restless, it's about the enemy's plans, he can't find you. And scientists have learned that distance or proximity plays a role in mutual influence. The patient has lost you and is distraught. He is weakened.

Otherwise, if the patient finds out where you took him, he will rush to look at the pictures if you posted them. And ask people you know about the details of their holiday. The child's head will be full of wild fantasies. He will go beyond everything, rozfarbovavuet all his zdorostyu. A modest hotel room at the Taj Mahal, a walk on the beach - a round-the-world trip on a cruise ship. He shows how he ate lobster and drank "Widow Clicquot" in the company of mulattos... Well, let him fantasise. It gives him energy and improves his mood.

You have to be cheerful and happy. The nurse will know all about your condition. About your worries and your mood. She will be happy to see you. So be energetic and happy. In time you will lose your tendency to nag, you will feel the glory and the rush of energy. You will be attracted to it, everyone is attracted to energetic and successful people. And the observer will lose power when they realise you are cheerful and happy. If you feel uncomfortable, tell only those closest to you, never say anything in public.

Reach out to your friends, meet more often with those who are dear to you. Go as a guest, ask to visit, meet at a café or party. Don't sit indoors. Be in the community more often. Take pictures and post them. And your friends will say they saw you in good company in a nice place. Your client will especially appreciate it. They want you sitting at home like an oyster in a shell, afraid to stick your nose out, sick and weak. But no. That won't happen!

And you know you'll feel much better in an hour. Because all these activities are really good for you. And the patient loses a lot of strength. Because health is a great source of strength. But then you just forget about the patient. It will mean nothing to you. Because your strength will increase and your life will change for the better.

It is not a phase. It is simple self-defense, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. It's also good for the patient - they might change and not be angry. Although this is unlikely... But it will certainly be less unpleasant - both for you and for other innocent people.

Every person who appear In our lives is a teacher! Someone Teaches us to be stronger, someone wiser, someone teaches us forgiveness, someone teaches us some teach us to be happy and to rejoice in every day Some teach us don't teach us at all, just Breaks us, but that's what we experience. Appreciate each and every person, even if they show up for a moment. After all, if they it's for a reason!!!

And I also thank my sponsoring friends!

My sponsoring friends, thank you!

No matter how strong we are, support increases our strength! It's like a breath of fresh air when difficulties pile up and don't let us breathe! Thank you for your support. I will always remember and thank you.

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I thank God for his help in writing this article, and you, dear readers, praise him if your reading has been helpful to you.

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Written by   188
1 month ago
Topics: Blog, Interesting, God, Live, Memory, ...
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This is true. Do everything that makes you happy. Relax and unwind. Never mind them, its not your energy and time being wasted but theirs.

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