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It's ok to be an original of yourself

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1 year ago

Each time I look around me and see different people, what comes to my mind is how amazing and how possible it became that despite so much of us on this planet yet we are so unique. In our physique, facial structures and voice.

Its one of the wonders of creation! Truely it amazes me.

Different colours of hair, different colours of eyes and so much more. This makes the universe to me the best piece of art that has ever existed and still exists. Sometimes you look at yourself and see something your mind makes you think is a defect about you but then if you are sensitive enough you'll notice that there's someone else who is rocking that same feature and living the best of his or her life.

If everyone was to be the same then there would be choas because it would be difficult to identify each other, besides that, life wouldn't be really that interesting. The diversity in our nature's (looks, languages, like and dislikes, cultures and even food) makes we more curious about life and the desire to see more of the beauty of life grows.

There used to be some times in my life when I think for a while, why am I not Mr. A or Miss B who is either endowed with great hair or fine sets of teeth respectively 😊, then my consciousness reminds me something: why is Mr. A or Miss B not in possession of the cute eyes you have? What about the great friends and family you are blessed with? If you are shown their flaws, would you still accept the stuff the have that you wished for? And these questions bring me at peace with myself.

Don't get it wrong please, I'm not saying we shouldn't admire and appreciate good things about other people, infact it is very important that we appreciate the beautiful features or life that others have but we should not be lost in it.

Sometimes I've heard people say words like: "why not me?(when it's a good thing happening) and words like: "why me?"( When something not so good happens)

Well I'd prefer to ask, who, If not you? Is there anyone that should be made for ills that come with life? No of course! Good can come to anyone as well as ill fate. But we can build our mind to attract the best things in life by staying positive and also make accommodations in our minds to certain fates which we cannot control.

Accepting the fact that the nature you have is the best you can have and that you are awesome in it, this will go a very long way in refining your mind against that feeling of being less than u think you deserve.

Do you know that beauty shines forth from the inside, the same too with happiness. A lot of people around the world have gotten this notion very wrong. They have been misinformed by so many people on social media. People who believe they need to impress, they live their lives on filters(thanks to technology). This shouldn't be please, you are lovely just as you are.

A quick tip: do you know that the the extent to which you love yourself and believe in yourself plays a huge role in attracting people to love you for you and believe in you.

I have learnt from so many experiences both mine and those ahead of me, that the rivers on happiness flows right from inside of me and not from somewhere or something to me. Of course I didn't believe in this but as I gave myself time, started setting goals and working diligently towards it I sure started seeing results.

Discipline in loving yourself and promoting yourself in your mind is one thing you alone can make up your mind to do to yourself and stay strong to achieve because it's never easy but it's always worth it in the end. Starting to love yourself no matter how far you are from what you desire to be and no matter what world or body you find yourself in is a great investment.

When I look at YOU, all I see is how unique your difference from me is. It's a beautiful diversity in the arts of the universe. I'm proudly a unique art and so should we all. Do not let the feeling of less ever set into your mind because either greatness or failure start right there inside the mind.

I'm one person who may have some moments of my day ruined if I see the faces of people feeling depressed or less than what they feel they should be. I do encourage that we should desire and dream big but we shouldn't also rule out the reality that LIFE HAPPENS atimes but that shouldn't be the end of the world for you.

I want to see your original self, it's the most beautiful You. Yes it is and trust me it's easier to be you than it is to someone you wish you could be.

I can't see the beautiful art you are made of if you don't see it first and let me. Discover the priceless you today and cherish it, and watch the law of attraction work.

Thanks @peter-molner, you are always a motivation to me. Guys, he has so much you can learn from, his positivity is on a completely different level of energy.

Cheers and thanks for reading, with hopes that you will apply it.

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Written by   1
1 year ago
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Yes we have to be ourselves and should not compare with others. This is the beauty of the whole life, that everybody is different and unique. Thanks for the mention.

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1 year ago