December 30th We Went to the Streets

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2 years ago

On the streets of Venezuela, you can feel the trade and explosion of Christmas shopping. A great opportunity for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in addition to this green moment of the market

We wanted to harness the energy and curiosity generated by these 10 historical BTC prices to teach people how to use the wallet, and in addition some of them immediately wanted to accept BCH and BTC as a form of payment

A lot of curiosity and a lot of desire to learn.. as always very afraid, but grateful to have a person in town to ask the questions

Many people were in a hurry with Christmas shopping, everything was happening too fast, I had to summarize all the complexity of Bitcoin in 1 minute, in some cases it worked, in others they simply rejected the explanation

What would you do if you were aware of Bitcoin and a historical fact is happening?? you'd share it with the rest of the people??? because yes, I want everyone to be part of the story, let everyone know that in the midst of a pandemic, Bitcoin Cash was the best option, and even without any knowledge, to take risks to adopt a fantastic fact in addition

I think the fate of all trades is Blockchain technology, not so much because of the crisis but because it's the most logical thing to assume

Thanks to the entire Bitcoin Cash community around the world

It was an amazing year, I think we all realized that we were saving thousands of people and companies who prefer to save with Cryptocurrencies

The moment the world needs it most, there was Bitcoin to offer an alternative and to help especially those who need it most

Thanks to everyone who supported me at Read Cash this year 2020, we will continue to work very hard, to achieve more achievements

Thank you @SofiaCBCH @AkaneYokoo @mattaaron @emergent_reasons @georgedonnelly @RogerVer @MarcDeMesel @Omar @JonathanSilverblood @HaydenOtto @Monica @BitcoinCashArgentina @InstaBitcoin @Read.Cash

We are already in line with Argentina, Colombia and we are updating with new logos and a new website and the image of all our platforms, are still in full work.. but surprises are coming for 2021

Thank you all, we still have a lot to do, we are closing the year with a historic Green, let us highlight that fact, we must grow the community, in time we will be more united and stronger

It was a great Honor this 2020 from Venezuela for the whole community in the world, Happy Year and that the year 2021 is wonderful and of great health and prosperity

Roberto Garcia

Bitcoin Cash House Venezuela

Twitter: @ bchbarquisimeto

Instagram: @ Bitcoin_cash_house

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Muy buen trabajo de BCH Venezuela !

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Gracias ... saludos

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