ALERT: Stand at a Shopping Center, BCHouse Argentina and BCHouse in Colombia

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2 years ago

December is full of work in Latin America, we already have safe contact with Argentina and Colombia, only Lack Peru to connect with Venezuela.

I think the year 2021 will be from Latin America, and we want to grow a lot, we want to be big and reach many more Latinos, companies that can accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment

Tomorrow, December 05th, we will be at the Shopping Center the Paseo in the East of my City Barquisimeto, Venezuela. This is a special place because there are many companies, where we could potentially do an adoption job.

This Shopping Center, is in a vital place for adoption, the best thing is that in conversation with the administrative offices, they had no problem in letting me put the Stand, it was difficult to meet because they were very busy, but since we are in this contact, I have the idea of doing a Bitcoin Cash workshop with all the owners of the premises

  • Flyers with our social networks

  • Disinfectant

  • Stikers

  • Promoting our services

This is what we will do tomorrow, we hope to greet several investors and several interested business owners, interested in learning and adopting Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment...

Recurring questions from the other Stand

¿As i change "that" to "real" money?

¿On which page I can win Bitcoin?

¿If I lose my bitcoins, who can I claim?

Buenos Aires Argentina, will be the place where the first Bitcoin Cash team starts in that country, we are very excited because Argentina today is going through a difficult situation economically speaking

Bitcoin Cash section Argentina, has special prepared for the world, but as soon as it is cooking, do not hesitate to follow your social networks to accompany your difficult task

Soon come more details of the installation of this equipment, where by the way, we have everything a little, they will be a team, but with various services and we are lucky to have a team for Bitcoin Cash House.. the connection with Venezuela, will be fundamental to the success of this team

We have another great news, Colombia also confirmed a Bitcoin Cash House adoption team, and we are in preparation for social media, and at least a first Meetup to show faces

Colombia is a special place because it has nothing but more than 1 million Venezuelans, and of course because it is the neighboring country with a huge border of thousands of kilometers

More details soon come from Bitcoin Cash House Capitulo Colombia

Soon they'll have pictures of what we did at the mall.

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Roberto Garcia

Twiiter: @ Bchbarquisimeto

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Great News, I think is should also use this medium to solicit for your support towards Organizing the First BCH Meetup here in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The campaign is left with just one day to expire, your Donation will go a long way.

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