Funny Moments as a Merchant of Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago
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Sharing this article is to make you happy a little bit. 4 months ago I decided to adopt BCH in my Mini grocery and here's a funny moment that I experienced.

Miscommunication Between BCH and Bitches 🀣 mom and 7-8years old son

Son: Mommy what's the meaning of BCH is it Bitches?

Mom: No son where did you learn that word (pissing off)

Son: I learn it from Dad when we went to somewhere.

Mom: 😠😠 and where did you two go?

Son: At the Bitch (he is referring to the beach)

Mom: Who's Bitch 😠😠

Son: I don't know the name of the bitch but we go there for fishing.

Mom: (and mom is cooling off)

Me: I talk to the son that BCH is Bitcoin Cash that you pay easily not a Bitch or Beach (Telling that if you have Bitcoin Cash in the future you can have a Bitches in a Beach) this is not what I say lol.

A genius son creating some meaning of BCH 🀦🀣

Mother: what is that logo for ( Talking about BCH logo)

Son: It's a Burger Mom

Mother: Does it taste good

Son: Yeah.

Mother: and what does BCH mean?

Son: Burger with Cheese and Ham. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

Me: No sir its Bitcoin Cash payment method that you can pay easily. ( then explaining what is Bitcoin Cash)

If you are a merchant we need more patience 🀣🀣🀣. Its easy to explain to everyone but not in kids πŸ˜….

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BΓΌrger with Cheese and Ham - that little boy will is a meme genius. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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