We Buy My Phone Using Bitcoin Cash

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Hello 😁 Good Afternoon 😊

This Article is Brought to you by BITCOIN CASH FT NOISECASH AND READCASH😁

Many of you may Wonder, How did we buy a Phone using BitcoinCash?

Not Literally using BitcoinCash but with the help of BitcoinCash 😊

First let me tell you how I/we (My Girlfriend) started in crypto world.

I started in Crypto last year with my Girlfriend, she is so fascinated how TRX put money on our wallet. That was the first coin we knew about cryptocurrencies.

She is so enthusiast in the TRX until it went bankrupt resulting to scam site.

This is my Girlfriend posts

"Yung pinalit ko noon ang TRX ko sa halagang 1.6 pesos, ngayon 7.something na isa, may 100k na sana ako 😂😂 Sa crypto isa lang ang katangian na dapat meron ka, PATIENCE! 😊😊"

Translation below 😁

I used to change my TRX for 1.6 pesos only, now it's 7.something each, I would have 100k php in my wallet😂😂 In crypto there is only one characteristic you should have, PATIENCE

Amazing right?

Don't mind my earnings in trx it is just a penny compared to what my Girlfriend earned 😁

Now now...

Let me tell you my Story how do we Buy a phone.

So month of January when my Girlfriend have stumble in NoiseCash. She really loves social media and Earning that's why she immediately Love NoiseCash

that's the first reason how We buy my Phone.

Being new in the platform, she is so active here on NoiseCash to the point that she has a group of NoiseCash users exchanging Ideas how they may improve their posts and supporting each other to grow their community 😊

Month of February when I first Joined NoiseCash in the hope of Earning much to buy a Phone because my phone are broken and have a short battery life because of it's age. I been using it for 3 years

I earned for about 0.13559484BCH and converted it to Philippine Peso of the amount of 3469.32 pesos when the price of BCH is still 26,327.47 pesos per BCH

That was my first convertion of BCH

With that money I still can't Buy the phone that I like, So my Girlfriend send me 500 pesos to add in my money.

My Preferred phone is slightly expensive with the amount of 5,499 pesos but the Original price of the phone would be 8,000 pesos.

So I used my saving and Add it on my BCH earnings so I could buy the phone. We also wait for the 4.4 super sale of an Online Shopping so I could get discount.

After I have placed my Order I've waited for 9 days until the Parcel arrived.

Everyday I always asked my brother "Kuya saan na part yung phone?" I repeatedly asked that every single day that past in the 5th day I asked my brother "Kuya baka Hindi legit yung nagbenta mascam tayo" and my brother Just Laughed and said. "Relax, Darating yun sa mismong store tayo bumili" but I always asked him until one morning the delivery man gave me a box of my parcel which I and my nephew Excitedly Open😆😊

See how she is so Excited that she opened it first than me. Note that it is mine😆

I also brought a phone case because my phone's color is so bright yellow😆 and I don't preferred yellow color but that's the available color of the phone at that time and it is on sale. The phone case is delivered 2 days after the phone is delivered.

Me and my Girlfriend along with my nephew and her parents are Happy that for a long time I have been able to replace my old wrecked phone by the help of BitcoinCash especially NoiseCash.

But what if I waited for 16 days because I converted my BCH Hodlings?

I converted my BCH Hodlings in April 1, 2021

When the price is 26,327.47 pesos per BCH,

The Price increase more than double price in April 17, 2021. So if I have waited for 16 days my 3469.32 pesos x 2 = 6938.64 pesos. A much more profit. But that's Okay we humans can't predict the future😆

Front of my new phone
This is my New Phone
My Old Wrecked phone

See how my Old phone is so Strong that even in that state it function flawlessly except that the battery is so fast to drain.

This Article is to Inspire Other to strive for the things they want and need to buy.

Closing Thoughts

✓If you want to earn in NoiseCash you must be Creative, Unique and Provide Quality Posts to entertain the readers.

✓Crypto is Unpredictable. It maybe high price today maybe it will dump the next day.

✓Bitcoin Cash is a the Digital Cash for the People, The best Cryptocurrency Candidate to Replace Fiat money and the Real Bitcoin

✓Always be Greatful to MarcDeMesel for funding our Free tips

✓NoiseCash Developers foe the continuous Updates and Upgrades

✓Always Find a Partner and Family that will support you on your Journey

Thank you so much for reading

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That was so Inspiring😊 We tend to save to buy what we want and what we need. Maybe for you your phone is what you really need now. Congrats😁 and Always your articles are so Educational.

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1 year ago

This is so amazing! You really did a great job, you bought your phone with your earnings, and bought a better one. Hope that this article of yours may inspire a lot, that this BCH platforms are very helpful. Good afternoon and may God bless you dear. 😍😍

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for your appreciation ☺️ this may inspire people indeed😁 BitcoinCash is really amazing

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1 year ago