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Little about myself :

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2 months ago

My name is Osituga Ayobami, I hail from Lagos Nigeria,I am very hardworking, smart and courageous, ever since I was young, I have a huge dream to make it big in life and I have set up my goals which will enable me build up my dream.

I always love being happy and I always try all my possible strength to make people around me smile and happy, for instance, if am with the less privilege or humans who are physically challenged, I make jokes with them, smile, play and laugh with them to make them happy and not to think about their illness, I try to ask them questions pertaining to what is going on around them and they answer me with a happy face, I also try to walk around to buy the less pridvilledge food with the token I have with me daily,i also love to help children who are talented, I try to encourage them with words, little cash and some words of advice.

I also love Education alot, I love making research about new things I don't know, I also love to encourage the younger one's coming up who are also in the line, I love helping kids who don't have books to take to school financially.

Another aspect of my life I don't joke with is God, in anything I do I put God first, I also try to advice people around to put God first in their life so they can achieve the achievable.

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