Why some people haven't achieved their new year resolution yet?

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Hello everyone,it's another new month again,wow,we are gradually ending 2022 again,what a great year for me, January started just like yesterday when everyone shouted happy new year,new year new resolution 😂,if I start to ask now what was their new year resolution and what have they achieved now, some Haven't even achieved anything yet but there was a resolution at the beginning of the year, what really happened?

What happened was that some wasn't bold enough to start what they wanted to do then,fear overtook their thinking and let it rule In the affairs of their lives,they felt they weren't good enough and left that which they were suppose to do.

Some people were misled by friends,the so called friends that doesn't want you to move forward,they will be the ones to give you advice not to start yet because you are not good enough,they truely know you are very good if not the best but because of jealousy they wouldn't want you to move higher than them,cut ties with them it's not too late,you can start now it's not too late,start regardless of what people say, don't be discouraged,you can do it.

While some people just wanted to follow the crowd by writing new year new resolution,there was actually nothing new they want to do,all they were doing is follow follow, some do not even have plans for their lives,all they do is live their lives the way it comes, nothing new or special,you need to change! Have a target, strive hard to meet that target! If you don't have a plan or Target it will be difficult to make it in life,have plans,have goals.

And lastly PROCRASTINATION, procrastination is a deadly virus, always saying tomorrow,I will do this tomorrow,I will do that tomorrow,what about doing it now? What about doing it now? in ten years to come you will realize what you should have done before and should be giving you result is what you will start to do then, procrastination is a waste of time,waste of plans and goals,stop procrastinating,start doing that thing now, don't wait to have much before you start,you can start now!

You have wasted so much time since the beginning of this year,but the sun out there can still dry that cloth,start making that plan,start achieving it, don't wait for nobody.

Thank you everyone for reading 👍👍

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Nice post 🤗

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6 months ago

Omo I had no resolution. I just decided to take up challenges as they come.

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6 months ago