The beach encounter.

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9 months ago
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"Hey beautiful" he said, stretching forth his hand to me.

As I look up I was mesmerized with his handsomeness,chaii this guy too handsome,where on Earth did he come from,even his masculine figure,omooo no for here.

I disengage from my thoughts and answer him, stretching my hand too.

"My name is Kingsley,what is your name too"?he said looking at me.

" My name is gift" I replied trying to figure him out.

Let me start by saying Its a Saturday morning and I decided to go to the beach to relax myself of all the work stress from Monday to Friday,so I decided to just enjoy myself today, while enjoying myself this handsome dude walks up to me and started talking.

We exchanged contact and that was it for me, let me add this I'm quite rich, I pay my bills myself,so when he offered to pay my bills on that day Saturday I rejected and told him not to bother. We chit chat alittle bit and he left.

The following day he called,why wait till the following day,I asked myself,I don't want him to feel like I like him already so I didn't pick when he called first,but when he called again I picked up,how did I know he was the one, remember I said we exchanged contact,so I already saved his number.

He called and greeted me,he asked for my free time but I told him I will be busy at work,he said just for lunch,well I gave in and we went to lunch together on Wednesday,he was really good at everything he does,but there is something off about him,I didn't know what,he was just too good to be true, like everything seems perfect, everything he does,we started getting closer.

After about three months we started dating,I like him before but I soon fell in love with him,we continued like that,we would go out for lunch,he would buy alot of things for me,I wonder how rich he was to buy those expensive things for me,he had a very expensive car,he would always come to my house,I didn't go to his house due to my work,I I'm a busy kind of a person,but soon enough I was eager to know his house, anytime I bring up the topic he would always avoid it or find one excuse or another,but when I started disturbing him and it became suspicious to me,he decided to tell me where he was living,lo! And behold! He took me to an hotel, like who does that? Untill he told that was where he lives,wow!!! I mean wowww?! How will he live in an hotel?

At least he has money and he can rent an apartment,he told me he was always traveling and he didn't want to waste money on house yet untill he settles down,I decided to believe what he says but something seems really off.....

What do you think is off??

Do you think he is lying?

Do you think he is not who he claim to be??

Wait for the next episode as I unravel what is behind this man .

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Topics: Beach, Fiction